Has Education Changed Forever?

THERE HAS BEEN a dramatic shift for the professional to online education since March 2020, seemingly at the onset of COVID-19. The American Vein & Lymphatic Society (AVLS) pivoted to an e-learning platform, delivering...Continue Reading

Venous Ultrasound, The Second Edition

THE FIRST EDITION of Venous Ultrasound—the definitive reference book edited by Joseph Zygmunt—was published in 2013. Back then, many physicians and sonographers were looking for a practical, step-by-step appro...Continue Reading

Webinar Directory for Vein Specialists

An ongoing list of webinars for physicians and allied professionals specializing in venous disease treatment. To submit your webinar click here or email us at [email protected] Subject (Webinar Title) Offered By Dat...Continue Reading

Education in Phlebology: Getting Beyond the Basics

Many times education and learning involve doing things we’ve never done. Sometimes even doing things we don’t want to do. Yet we trust those who have experience and believe that when we are done with the educa...Continue Reading

Round Ligament Varicosities Diagnosis and Treatment

by Jose I Almeida, MD, FACS, RVT, Miami Vein Center Pelvic vein enlargement typically occurs during the second trimester of pregnancy, and during this time, pelvic veins can extend into the groin, mimicking inguinal hern...Continue Reading

Lessons from the Peloton

Any bike race starts with the peloton. The peloton is the mass of riders racing. From the peloton, there emerge leaders and, ultimately, a winner. Nobody can win staying with the peloton, but they can’t win without...Continue Reading

Catheter Tips for Beginners

by Wayne Gradman, M.D. 1. A wedge or blanket under the contralateral hip helps your patient maintain eversion of the treated leg for an extended time 2. A warm blanket is my favorite way to dilate the venous system. Use...Continue Reading

Compounded Sclerosing Agents: Risks and Consequences

by Kenneth J. McKenna, Esq. For decades, patients have sought medical treatment for unsightly and sometimes painful varicose and spider veins. One common procedure to treat this type of venous disease is sclerotherapy: th...Continue Reading

IVC to Hold Clinical Sessions for Vein Surgeons

by Dave DelVal The sixth annual meeting of the International Vein Congress (IVC) will be held April 17-19, 2008, at the InterContinental Hotel in Miami, Fl. Among the physicians who annually attend the event are vascul...Continue Reading

Catheter Tips and Tricks: Steven E. Zimmet, MD, RVT, FACPh

by Steven E. Zimmet, MD, RVT, FACPh Catheter Tips and Tricks: Keep the patient and room warm to minimize vasospasm. Turn the air conditioning on after your fiber/catheter is properly positioned. Perform access with...Continue Reading