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Mentors Who Made Me: Drs. Kitty and Arnost Fronek

Long-time VEIN contributor Helane Fronek introduces her parents-in-law, Kitty and Arnost Fronek—two illustrious innovators in cardiovascular technology.

Mentors Who Made Me: Dr. Anton Butie

Dr. Mitchel Goldman interviews his mentor Dr. Anton Butie to discuss his work in founding the ACP and educating physicians in venous treatment techniques.

Next Generation of Venous Leaders

New procedures, techniques and modes of treatment tend to get the most attention, but who are emerging as the next leaders in venous medicine? Here are the visions and the stories of outstanding, young practitioners.

The late Dr. Syde Taheri Interviewed

A new VEIN Magazine section, Mentors Who Made Me, explores how those who have come before us paved the way for future success.

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Industry Spotlight

ACP Works on Peer Comparison Feedback

Improving Wisely offers societies the opportunity to lead in identifying benchmarks and in working to drive peer performance closer to new standards as they are identified.

Industry's Role in Venous Ulcer Care

The global incidence of venous ulceration hasn’t changed despite technological advancements. It’s time for a new approach to venous ulceration.

Help Lymphedema Patients Help Themselves

Symptoms related to lymphedema (LE) can present anywhere in the torso, arm, leg, head and neck. For most, LE erodes quality of life and makes it difficult for patients to care for themselves.

Dean Bender—New ACP Exec. Director

We’ve all seen Dean Bender working the conferences, walking the halls of education and consulting on any number of issues. But what are the origins of Dean’s work within this field of veins and how did he rise to this new position?

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Industry Updates

Gender Equality at Work

Gender differences influence the medical profession, but are we aware of the gender inequalities that continue to plague it?

ACP's New Leadership and Direction

The ACP is set on a new horizon with new leadership. Read how the ACP will add new department staff, expand its educational opportunities and develop partnerships with physicians and organizations for the support of phlebology.

Big Update: Medicare Coverage Efforts

Governmental and private payers have developed medical policies to limit venous care which they believe may be unnecessary or cosmetic, but vascular societies and physician members are reaching out to develop appropriate payer medical policies.

4th Ed. Venous & Lymphatic Guidelines

The essential reference of all venous specialists has just been updated with the latest treatment techniques and most current evidence. See what’s new and read the top 10 guidelines.

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Practice Management

Optimizing Mid-Level Providers in a Busy Vein Practice

As a vein doctor, your practice is like any other business--you need a strategy, lots of patience and most importantly of all, a well-crafted team of professionals. Managing mid-level providers in your practice can boost personnel efficiency and improve your day-to-day operations. Here's how to do i ...

Tempted to Compete on Price? Don't!

Differentiate yourself and your practice through your specialized services, your knowledge and your level of patient care.

Google is Vetting You

Do you know what your patients are looking for in a vein specialist? Google does. Learn the four most important steps to make you relevant online and bring in new patients.

Is Health Care Really That Complicated?

Health care is complex and even medical professionals have to scratch their heads at times. Here’s a guide on how make sense of it all.

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Techniques & Technology

Epinephrine for Lower Extremity Veins

There are many options when choosing a sclerosant, so how does epinephrine impact efficacy and safety?

Single Session Venoplasty for CVI

A disease state traditionally thought of as untreatable may finally have endovascular options.

New Vascular Disease Imaging Core Lab

There are several core labs currently operating in cardiovascular medicine, but few, if any, fill the niche area of vascular disease. See what it took to establish a vascular disease core lab at OhioHealth, and what it means for the quality of medical research and patient care.

Covering CHIVA Strategy for CVD

CHIVA strategy represents an effective saphenous-sparing therapeutic approach for lower limb chronic venous disease. Learn how CHIVA strategy can be a part of your everyday practice.

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Work & Life Balance

The Best Time to Plant a Tree

How much more joy might we feel, excitement might we experience, or inspiration might we become for others if we planted those trees in our lives?

Leading a More Fulfilling Life

As VEIN Magazine’s 10th year allows us to consider its past and future value, every anniversary we recognize can provide this structure so we appreciate and optimize other parts of our lives.

BBQ to Try at the Austin ACP Congress

Prepare for the best barbecue in Texas. The American College of Phlebology’s Annual Congress gets truly American in Austin this year, so get the insider tips on the tastiest cuts.

Playing to Win, or Not to Lose?

Where in your life are you playing not to lose? How much more colorful could your life be if, instead, you played to win?

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