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The late Dr. Syde Taheri Interviewed

A new VEIN Magazine section, Mentors Who Made Me, explores how those who have come before us paved the way for future success.

Mentors Who Made Me: Dr. Hugo Partsch

Dr. Mitchel Goldman of Cosmetic Laser Dermatology has an emotional reunion with his mentor and friend, Dr. Hugo Partsch.

The Magic Man: Peter Gloviczki, MD

Dr. Gloviczki discusses what led to his professional stature and what else is in store, not just for him, but for the future of vein disease treatment.

Interviewing Dr. Kathleen Gibson

Dr. Kathleen Gibson was the first female vascular surgery fellow at the University of Washington and the last fellow to work in the laboratory of the late Dr. Eugene Strandness, father of duplex ultrasound, before he died in 2001.

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Industry Spotlight

Bringing New Tech to the Vein Space

Communication failures bring misunderstanding, confusion and frustration. For developers of novel technologies, there is a better way, with the right team, and the right plan in place.

Pneumatic Compression Therapy

Pneumatic compression is emerging as an essential tool for the modern physician. See how the latest pneumatic compression devices can enhance compliance and patient outcomes.

Value-Based Healthcare

Medtronic discusses how the world of health care is changing, and what they are doing to help transform the incentives for health professionals.

Former ACP Exec. Director Bruce Sanders

Bruce Sanders, CAE and former executive director of the American College of Phlebology (ACP), left his post last month, but don’t expect that he is just sitting around. Read more.

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Industry Updates

Updated AVF Treatment Guidelines

The essential reference of all venous specialists has just been updated with the latest treatment techniques and most current evidence. See what’s new and read the top 10 guidelines.

ACP Opposes Novitas' Draft LCD

The world of insurance is changing. The American College of Phlebology wants to ensure that scientific, evidence-based care doesn’t change also.

MACRA and the Phlebology Practice

MACRA is the new standard payment model. The Sustainable Growth Rate program is out. It’s time to update your practice, and here’s how.

State of the Profession

Ethical concerns are an ever-present issue in the vein world. Check out this reprint from the December/January issue of Vein Therapy News.

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Practice Management

Is Health Care Really That Complicated?

Health care is complex and even medical professionals have to scratch their heads at times. Here’s a guide on how make sense of it all.

New Technology Reimbursement

Reimbursement for developing innovative technology is every device maker’s dream, but it takes more than FDA approval. Here’s all of what you need to do.

Busy Schedule, Healthy Habits

As a professional in the business of health and wellness, the vast majority of your hours have been dedicated to your work. But when do you set aside the time to tend to your own well-being?

Holding Your Marketing Agency Accountable

You have decided to make the leap and you have found a good agency to work with. But before you sign your marketing life away, ask these questions to set up your framework for accountability.

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Techniques & Technology

Covering CHIVA Strategy for CVD

CHIVA strategy represents an effective saphenous-sparing therapeutic approach for lower limb chronic venous disease. Learn how CHIVA strategy can be a part of your everyday practice.

The ASVAL Technique

Not every patient matches a “one size fits all” strategy. ASVAL calls into question the usual approach of systematically treating the saphenous vein by stripping or ablation.


The landmark ATTRACT trial measures how catheter-directed thrombolysis may reduce the incidence of PTS in patients with acute lower extremity DVT. What exactly do the findings mean for your patients?

What to Avoid When Treating Veins

Taking stimulus from VEIN Magazine’s earlier roundtable on the topic of ethics of venous disease treatment, “Absurd Vein Care: Can We Fix It?,” another topic has arisen. Learn more.

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Work & Life Balance

BBQ to Try at the Austin ACP Congress

Prepare for the best barbecue in Texas. The American College of Phlebology’s Annual Congress gets truly American in Austin this year, so get the insider tips on the tastiest cuts.

Playing to Win, or Not to Lose?

Where in your life are you playing not to lose? How much more colorful could your life be if, instead, you played to win?

Only Caring Can Teach Others to Care

As physicians, we must learn to not only treat our patients but care for them too.

What Makes a Good Mentor?

Reflect on your greatest challenges and accomplishments. Who influenced your decisions? Here’s why you must walk the same path.

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