Techniques & Technology

Promoting a Multidisciplinary Approach to Treating Chronic Edema

by Eric Ansart, Lympha Press President, US distribution; Donald Scott Covington, MD, FACS, CHWS, MED; Suzie Ehmann, DPT CWS CWLT CLT-LANA There is tremendous value generated from improved communication between specialty...Continue Reading

Venous Ulcer Treatment: A Practical Primer

by Michael Cioroiu, MD., FACS; Foram Udeshi DPM; Vinit Shah DPM Chronic venous ulcers—also known as stasis ulcers or venous leg ulcers (VLU)—likely represent the majority of chronic wounds seen in a typical w...Continue Reading

Compression Garments for Lipedema

By Dr. Thomas Wright Lipedema is characterized by painful and swollen fat which accumulates disproportionately in the subcutaneous tissue. New studies have shown that all stages of lipedema show increased swelling in the...Continue Reading

Phlebology International

VEIN Editor Claudia Schou recently caught up with highly acclaimed phlebology expert Kurosh Parsi, M.D., FACD, FACP, who is serving a tenure as conjoint senior lecturer at the University of New South Wales and as presiden...Continue Reading

Diagnostic device can save time, money and lives

by Susan Belknapp According to the American Heart Association, about 8 million Americans have peripheral artery disease (PAD) and, very frequently, patients mistake their symptoms for something else. To exacerbate matter...Continue Reading


LAWRENCE ILLUMINATES THE WAY FOR PHLEBOLOGY’S FUTURE Peter Lawrence, M.D., is fine-tuning what he believes is a significant discovery in the treatment of venous disease. Lawrence, who serves as chief of vascular...Continue Reading

Phlebology for the Masses

Newly appointed ACP President Robert J. Min, MD, MBA, Aims to Increase Vein Disease Education, Awareness The American College of Phlebology (ACP) is a non-profit educational organization that is dedicated to research an...Continue Reading

Biosound Esaote releases the all new MyLab25Gold

Adapting technologies from their flagship MyLab®70 XV, the new MyLab®25Gold wants to change the perception of limited functionality in hand-carried ultrasound. “The MyLab®25Gold has broken through the ba...Continue Reading

Laser Resolution of Hemosiderin, Staining in Sclerotherapy-Treated Veins

by John E. Bottsford, MD, FACS and Jane Bottsford, RN Introduction As a peripheral vascular surgery practice, we use the gold standard treatment, sclerotherapy, to treat telangiectatic (spider) and reticular (varicose)...Continue Reading

The Multi-Faceted Realities of Present Day Medicine

by Marlin W. Schul MD, MBA, RVT, FAcPh How many years have you used a computer in your home? When you had your first mobile phone, was it in a bag? Did you dream it could get any better? Do you remember when the internet...Continue Reading