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Vicariously Visiting the Földi Clinic

Dr. Manu Aggarwal: Let’s start with your background, specialty, and interests. Dr. Brett Carroll: I’m a cardiologist and vascular medicine specialist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) in Boston,...Continue Reading

Optimal Management for Pelvic Venous Disorders (PeVD)

EXPERTS: Dr. Neil Khilnani • Dr. Gloria Salazar • Dr. Mark Meissner Pelvic venous disorders (PeVD), formerly known as pelvic congestion syndrome (PCS), are a common component of many venous practices with women...Continue Reading

The Role of AI in Early Detection, Accurate Diagnosis, and Improved Access

Nothing is more cutting edge this year than all the machine learning adaptations to our already growing body of knowledge. Thus, below is a quick summary of how AI might continue to be useful to our particular needs in th...Continue Reading

Screening for Venous Disease with Point of Care Thermography: An International Perspective

by David Wright, MD, Ariel Soffer, FACS, RCS MD, FACC, Shayna Soffer, Tanya Ramadoss, BBA Screening for Chronic Venous Insufficiency with Point of Care Thermography With the global venous and lymphatic community planning...Continue Reading

Mental Health is a Disease Linked to Vascular Disorders

Studies show mental illnesses are tied to vascular disease. Here is what you need to know ACCORDING TO DATA from the 2018 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), chronic disease affects one in two people.1 Mental health...Continue Reading

Ambulatory Phlebectomy in the Treatment of Superficial Venous Disease

Phlebectomy as a treatment for venous disease goes back more than two millennia and remains an important component of therapy for patients. Progressive decreases in reimbursement over the past two decades, and more recent...Continue Reading

The Next Era of Chronic Leg Wound Care

With an eye toward the future, Dr. Manu Aggarwal and Dr. Mark Melin look thoughtfully at the wound care landscape, current treatment strategies, and the role vascular management plays in healing MARK MELIN is a surgeon,...Continue Reading

Is the New Standard of Care for Optimal Venous Imaging Duplex Ultrasound and Infrared Thermography

FOR THE PAST 50 years, the use of Duplex ultrasound (DUS) as an imaging tool for lower extremity venous disease has remained the most common and widely preferred methodology for diagnosing Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CV...Continue Reading

The Ulcer in the Room

One physician’s experience with incorporating wound healing into her vein practice GOLIATH. THAT’S WHAT I think of wounds. The big, scary beast when it walks into my office or when the word is scribbled across...Continue Reading

Big Data Shows More VLU Awareness Needed

New data underscores the need for venous interventions in wound healing Results of the largest epidemiology study of venous leg ulcers (VLU) and correlated duplex findings are in! Here, American Vein & Lymphatic Socie...Continue Reading