25 Most Influential: Thomas Michael Proebstle, MD, PhD

Thomas Michael Proebstle, MD, PhD

A colleague had this to say: “Dr. Proebstle’s approach to reaching out and engaging young doctors is to ‘meet them where they live’ by thinking outside the confines of traditional forums and presenting information in ways that will capture the attention and, ultimately the dedication, of inspired new phlebologists throughout Europe and the World.”

A decade ago, few would have foreseen the crossover in types of vein treatments being offered at other specialty practices. Where do you think the next big movement is going to be and how will it affect vein practice?

To my opinion the next big movements will be vein ablation without local anesthesia and transcutanesous delivery of thermal energy to saphenous veins.

What technological advances are contributing to the quality of vein treatment that most excite you?

The recent steps in thermal energy delivery which allow definite vein ablation with high energy doses but a incredibly reduced side effect profile like ClosureFast. Also newer laser fiber tips are amazing.

What advancements are long overdue?

The advancement most overdue is a routinely implantable valve bearing stent for correction of deep vein reflux. After initial promising studies, e.g by the Californian VenPro company, the cardiologists took over and now have the success with aortic valve implants. We need this back in phlebology!

With all the talk about "going green", where do you think modern medicine will contribute the most? Where do you think it will fall short?

Modern medicine will contribute going green the most by developing treatments which keep patients out of the hospital. This is the true saving in resources of any kind.

What is the biggest challenge in your work?

My biggest challenge is to serve the patients demands every day to the max, improve his health and wellbeing, bring the latest technology in a safe and easy way to him.

Are you involved in leading or teaching educational symposiums at clinics, hospitals, universities, etc? Please share your experiences.

Sharing expertise in clinical workshops around Europe makes You many new friends, sometimes really long-lasting. I recall a very special workshop in Maaastricht.

Tell us about any publications or research you are currently working on or recently finished.

At the moment I try to get rid of the need for anesthesia, I hope to be able to present this next year at the UIP meeting in Monaco

What efforts have you been involved in to foster cooperation (rather than competition) between the various venous educational organizations so that the greatest number has access to the advances in the diagnosis and treatment of venous disease?

As the Conference President of the 2007 Annual Meeting of the German Phlebological Society I set English as the official Conference language to enable participation from all over the world. Particularly my friends from the States gave so many inspiring lectures..

What question did we not ask that we should? Now, answer it!!

My favorite meal: a fantastic filet steak in a US steakhouse!