American Venous Forum Will Celebrate Its Silver Anniversary at Annual Meeting

The American Venous Forum (AV F) will celebrate its 25th Silver Anniversary Meeting from February 27 to March 2 at the Wigwam in Phoenix, AZ . About 500 physicians, surgeons and allied health professionals who care for patients with venous and lymphatic diseases will attend the event.


Here are some of the highlights:

• Presidential address by Robert McLafferty, MD

• Cutting Edge Scientific Sessions

• David S. Sumner Venous Summer Post Graduate Course

• Villavicencio Symposium

• Specialty sessions in Biomechanics and Bioengineering, Live Venous Ultrasound, Wound Care, Vascular Medicine and Thrombsis

• Poster session

• Gala celebration and dinner to commemorate the AVF’s 25th silver anniversary


Unlike other medical meetings, which often feature findings that have already been presented elsewhere, the sessions at the AV F annual meeting includes only new research and clinical information.


“It’s really cutting-edge or brand new information that is delivered to the registrants every year,” said Lowell Kabnick, MD , associate professor of surgery at NY U Langone Medical Center, director of the NY U Vein Center, AV F secretary and ex-officio of the Program Committee. “These are all firsttime presentations and all of the abstracts are new.”


The AV F meeting also differs from other medical meetings, Dr. Kabnick noted, because no concurrent sessions are held. Physicians and allied health professionals can attend and enjoy every session in its entirety, instead of dashing back and forth between sessions or having to choose between

two equally compelling presentations.

The AV F annual meeting is unique because it draws physicians from several specialties—vascular medicine, vascular surgery, interventional radiology, and phlebology— as well as allied health professionals. This enables attendees to network and talk with people who may have different perspectives or experiences conducting research or working with patients with venous and lymphatic diseases.


A series of challenging interactive case studies will comprise the David S. Sumner Venous Summit Post Graduate Course on February 27. The four-hour session will consist of six case studies, noted Peter Henke, MD , President-Elect and chair of the summit.


“Over the last several years, the postgraduate courses have focused on debates, invited lectureships and similar type of events,” said Dr. Henke. “This year, we plan to use a challenging case-based interactive format with seven primary topics.”


Here are the topics and speakers:

• Lymphatic Disease Management

– Byung-Boon Lee, MD

• Interior Vena Cava Filter Use and

Management – John Rectenwald, MD

• Tibial Deep Vein Thrombosis

Management – Elna Masuda, MD

• Complex Non-Deep Vein Thrombosis Deep

System Disease Requiring Intervention

– Antonios Gasparis, MD

• Complex Superficial Venous Disease Requiring

Intervention – Lowell Kabnick, MD

• Wound Care Management with Venous

Stasis Ulceration – William Marston, MD

• Complex Acute DVT Management

– Rabih A. Chaer, MD


After each case study, the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions, take a poll on the case, and review the case evidence. They can the complete a selfassessment. Summit participants may earn Category I CME and MOC Level 2 Self-Assessment Credits. “This post graduate course is consistent with the requirements of the American Board of Surgery and AC S-CME ,” said Dr. Henke. “We look forward to an interactive, stimulating, and fresh approach to the Sumner summit.”


“This will involve pre and post testing consistent with the requirements of the American Board of Surgery,” said Dr. Henke. “Most vascular specialists and surgeons now need to have MOC level two credits, and we hope this makes the Sumner course even more attractive. We look forward to an interactive, stimulating, and fresh approach to the Sumner summit.”


The Villavicenio Symposium will take place on February 28. Mark Meissner, MD will lead the session, The annual symposium honors Dr. J. Leonel Villavicencio, an AV F founding member who is noted for his career in treating venous malformations. The one-hour lecture will feature two or three speakers and include time for questions.


The specialty symposiums will cover vascular medicine and thrombosis, biomechanics and engineering, wound care and compression, lymphedema and live venous ultrasound. The 25th Silver Anniversary Gala will take place on Friday, March 1. The gala will honor the AV F’s history and accomplishments in promoting research and education in venous and lymphatic diseases. The gala will include a reception, an awards presentation, dinner and entertainment.


Attendees will also have the opportunity to browse through the exhibit hall filled with booths of information and dozens of medical devices from pharmaceutical companies and medical associations.


“The annual meeting is worth every penny,” said Dr. Kabnick. “It is an educational event with time for fraternizing with colleagues, too.”


Those attending the meeting will also have ample time to socialize with their colleagues and enjoy the recreational activities at the Wigwam. The Wigwam, located in Litchfield Park, Arizona on the outskirts of Phoenix, is an historic, 84-year-old hotel. The sprawling Southwesternstyle property features a 54-hole golf course, four swimming pools, and a 9,300-sq-ft. outdoor plaza.

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