International Vein Congress (2011)

by A.M. Sutton

In 2011, the International Vein Congress (IVC) – one of the country’s foremost meetings for specialists doing office-based procedures – will again offer a cutting-edge program that no self-respecting venous practitioner should miss.a powerhouse meeting that rounds up some of the nation’s most highly regarded experts, IVC features live cases, in addition to informative talks and stimulating debates that “tell it like it is.”“I don’t mince words,” says Jose I. Almeida, MD, course director. “This stuff is not rocket science, but it is the way we all make a living. Through IVC I try to give physicians, allied health professionals and even the office staff what they need to provide excellent service to their patients while still maintaining the bottom line. You get the real deal at IVC.”

That no-nonsense approach has served attendees well for eight years. Now presenting its ninth edition, IVc capitalizes on its status as the venous meeting to draw attention to controversial issues and impending changes within the field, while also covering the in the past, IVc in 2011 will focus on clinical advances, including new products, and show live cases transmitted from Dr. almeida’s clinic to the ballroom of the swanky Fontainebleau Miami Beach, where a panel of heavy hitters will comment on the procedures. “You get the best seat in the house,” Dr. Almeida says. “We give you an up-close view so that you feel as though you are right there with us. With the comments and ex-change offered by our faculty sitting on the panel, everyone will get a clear picture of the best way to do this stuff.”

New for 2011, IVC will expand its content to cover not only superficial venous disease but deep venous disease as well. Recognizing the impending shift toward “provider consolidation”—prompted by the government overhaul in healthcare—Dr. Almeida understands that independent practitioners must increasingly align themselves with hospitals and other large health systems. In a session titled “Venous Surgeons Should Maintain Hospital Privileges,” faculty will address interventions for problems such as deep vein thrombosis and iliofemoral chronic total occlusions.

In another session, titled “The Future of Reimbursement,” the potential need for accreditation of office-based surgery centers and vascular labs will be addressed. Faculty will also focus on marketing strategies to attract cash-paying customers, question whether the government is taking over medicine and examine the benefits, or lack thereof, of accountable care Organizations.“The new focus of IVc is the idea that to be a complete venous specialist, physicians need to have a clear understanding of the clinical as well as business issues that are involved in practicing venous medicine in both the office and hospital settings,” Dr. almeida says. “In the next few years practitioners of in-office procedures are going to experience a paradigm change forcing them to be pulled back into practicing in the hospital setting in addition to their in-office practices. We want to help get them ready for that.”always inclusive, IVC 2011 will reach out to the entire team by offering its annual optional mini-symposia geared specifically to allied health professionals and office managers. The sold-out Exhibit Hall will provide another learning venue as leading companies showcase the latest devices and services in support of practices.

Making the meeting an even greater draw: it’s location at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach, one of the world’s most renowned hotels. Following the IVC sessions each day, attendees can enjoy a wide variety of activities. Offering award-winning restaurants, a top-notch nightclub, modern spa and workout facilities, an exciting pool area with cabanas and access to the white sandy beach, the Fontainebleau is located near golf and tennis, as well as lively South Beach. “IVC has it all,” Dr. Almeida says. “can’t wait to see you down here!”