IVC Again Brings Together the Venous Community

by Alexandra Pecharich

The International Vein Congress celebrated its 10th year in May with an expanded program that offered comprehensive coverage of venous intervention. Jose I. Almeida, MD , captured the pulse of the future by fully exploring both superficial and deep disease.

The highlight of the meeting included live cases from Dr. Almeida’s office, which featured several phlebectomies using either endovenous thermal and nonthermal ablation and, separately, spider telangiectasia treatment. A panel of experts commented on the proceedings while Dr. Almeida explained his work in detail. Also featured were recorded cases that provided in-depth coverage of procedures such as pharmacomechanical thrombolysis, angioplasty/stenting and embolization.

“IVC has always gone behind the theoretical to focus on the practical,” Dr. Almeida said. “We show physicians what they need to know to successfully meet the needs of their patients.”

Another memorable aspect of IVC 2012 was its focus on controversy, something Dr. Almeida has never shied away from. This year he boldly questioned whether the certification exam offered by the American Board of Phlebology held any merit, given that doctors with widely varying backgrounds and training have now entered the venous arena. He wondered whether passing that exam should be held up as a standard over, for example, formal training in catheter-based procedures.

“These are questions that we as vein doctors need to ask ourselves,” Dr. Almeida stated.

Speakers as well as the audience engaged in a highly charged exchange that brought home the importance of taking a closer look at who does venous work. The issue-will continue to have bearing on everyone moving forward, Dr. Almeida stressed.

The growing venous community will have another chance to gather at the country’s premier live case venous meeting when IVC 2013 convenes on May 2-5 at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.