SIR Gets ACTiVE in Venous Education

by Kush R. Desai, MD, Robert J. Lewandowski, MD, FSIR, and Robert K.W. Ryu, MD, FSIR

SIR ACTiVE in Tempe, AZ

The management of venous thromboembolic disease (VTE) has recently come into sharp focus; the results of recent landmark trials such as ATTRACT, ongoing prospective studies such as PRESERVE and development of new technologies have renewed enthusiasm for the treatment of patients with VTE.

VTE management is increasingly becoming a focal point of modern interventional radiology practice and is the primary impetus for the Society of Interventional Radiology’s new learning experience—Advanced Therapies in Venous Interventions (ACTiVE), held Oct. 5–7 in Tempe, Arizona.

Taught by leading experts in venous thromboembolic disease, ACTiVE is the only meeting dedicated to a full spectrum of VTE topics—covering pulmonary embolism (PE), acute and chronic deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and inferior vena cava (IVC) filter management.

The ACTiVE Program Committee has developed a combination of live SA-CME approved didactics and expert case-based discussions to teach the latest data-driven concepts in the management of VTE, highlighting their applicability to everyday interventional venous practice. These sessions will inform about decision-making surrounding the role of interventional treatments and explore areas where additional research is needed to optimize patient care. Hands-on workshops will offer attendees the opportunity for personal interaction with faculty, enabling them to learn the best practices necessary for successful outcomes in complex venous procedures.

Among ACTiVE’s key takeaways will be the ability to develop and build successful venous practices, including multidisciplinary pulmonary embolism response teams (PERTs), management of acute and chronic venous thrombosis and IVC filter service lines with an emphasis on techniques and rationale for complex IVC filter retrieval.

While VTE is rapidly emerging as a major focal point in interventional radiology practice, this course will benefit more than just IRs. Vascular surgeons, cardiologists, vascular medicine specialists, hematologists, internal medicine physicians and physician extenders interested in venous thromboembolic disease and IVC filter management will all benefit from the ACTiVE program.

With an aging, increasingly complex population, effective, evidence-based management of all aspects of VTE will be crucial in improving patient outcomes. Attendees will leave armed with the latest concepts and techniques to stay ahead of the curve.

Kush R. Desai, MD, and Robert J. Lewandowski, MD, FSIR are interventional radiologists at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, and Robert K.W. Ryu, MD, FSIR, is an interventional radiologist with the University of Colorado, Denver. Together they are the program coordinators for SIR’s2017 ACTiVE meeting.

ACTiVE program and registration information.