BSN Medical

Conrad Jobst had varicose veins, but he did not have a solution for his problem. Sixty-five years ago, the mechanical engineer and inventor decided to create a solution, which led to the birth of modern compression therapy.

Today, BSN medical continues to honor Jobst’s legacy with the same commitment to providing therapeutic solutions that improve health, outcomes and quality of life for patients suffering from venous insufficiency or lymphatic disease.

A New President – A New Focus

“The same tireless dedication to innovation and the continued pursuit of developing effective therapeutic solutions for patients still exists today,” says Roberto Muñoz, BSN medical’s president of North America. “It is this reason, coupled with the company’s powerful brands in the marketplace, that impressed me the most about BSN medical. I am extremely proud to be part of a remarkable organization where the patient comes first, and I am confident that the team we have established can build upon these positive strengths and take BSN medical to the next level.”

Muñoz, who joined BSN in April 2014, says he is excited about the company’s newly launched strategic initiatives designed to expand its global presence to better meet current demands and provide sustainable, long term integrated therapy solutions for health care providers and their patients. With a new president of North America in place, combined with implementation of its new strategy, BSN medical is in a very solid position to deliver even greater value across the continuum of care in two major areas: wound vascular (venous) and orthopedics. Central to the first initiative is the company’s focus on wound care and venous therapeutic solutions.

Meeting the Diverse and Extensive Needs of Patients

“Our ability to confidently deliver a continuum of care begins with our focus on select therapeutic specialties, while constantly working closely and listening to our clinicians about the state of current diseases, their needs and the needs of their patients,” says Muñoz.

Muñoz explains that the new strategic positioning delivers clinical competence in compression therapy and management of chronic and acute wounds. This new approach will help BSN deliver broader, more integrated therapeutic solutions for vascular surgeons, podiatrists and other health care professionals.

“We believe our preventative and therapeutic solutions – ranging from compression therapy to wound management products – helps to meet the diverse and extensive needs of patients,” says Muñoz. “In fact, we remain the only company providing a full solution for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers and lymphatic conditions worldwide.”

“The key to success in today’s competitive, yet changing health care marketplace is to consistently put the patient first,” says Muñoz. “It is critically important that we provide health care professionals with a complete range of high quality and high-value solutions that address prevention, treatment and management of various conditions. Helping to improve healing rates for patients is extremely rewarding, as it also improves a patient’s quality of life and quite possibly, lasting health.”

The Standard of Care

Effective treatment of patients with venous disease is critical, as the conditions caused by or related to diseased veins can become chronic if not managed properly. Once indicators of CVI are recognized, it’s imperative to choose the correct form of therapy depending on the condition of the disease. For example, venous leg ulcers affect an estimated 1% of the US population, and treatment includes both compression therapy and advanced wound care.

BSN medical provides a broad range of clinical, quality and economical therapeutic solutions to address prevention, treatment and management of chronic venous disease and its complications, e.g., venous leg ulcers. The compression therapy line developed by Conrad Jobst is the #1 physician recommended brand in the United States offering a wide assortment of trusted, high-quality medical compression garments. “The trust that has been awarded to the JOBST brand by physicians is a key driver in our ongoing dedication to deliver the right products to the right patient,” says Muñoz.

Leveraging the leadership position of JOBST compression therapy solutions, BSN medical distributes its extensive portfolio through medical and non-medical retail channels to help promote increased patient compliance with the therapy and treatment regimens recommended by their doctors. To support these channels, the company expanded its sales efforts and created two dedicated teams—one focused on interfacing with clinicians and one for consumer health in the retail channel.

The advanced wound care solutions provide therapeutic options for infection control, exudate management and wound bed preparation. In addition, there is a full range of adhesive and non-adhesive fixation, film and surgical dressings available for the management of acute wounds. “Because we are able to deliver the full continuum of care for conditions that often result from poor venous or lymphatic circulation, we believe we have created a new standard of care,” ventures Muñoz. With one company providing treatment solutions that address the entire spectrum of care, health care providers and their patients stand to benefit greatly.

Collaboration and Passion

BSN collaborates regularly with key industry opinion leaders, researchers and clinical associations, including, but not limited to, the American College of Phlebology, the American Venous Forum, and the Wound Ostomy and Continence Nurses Association. Through strategic partnerships, the company is able to stay abreast of the current needs of health care professionals, while supporting venous and lymphatic disease research.

In addition, for the past 20 years, BSN medical has been the proud supporter of the JOBST Research Fellowship Grant in Venous and Lymphatic Diseases. The research developed by grant recipients has helped advance the understanding and treatment of vein diseases. BSN medical continues its focus on research and development efforts on clinical technologies to provide new therapy solutions that support various disease states, improve quality of life and lasting health.

The people who make up BSN medical remain passionate and dedicated to clinical excellence and the health care provider. “We are committed to providing comprehensive training and education options based on our customers’ needs today as well as in the future.” Muñoz adds, “We are constantly creating and updating programs designed to optimize clinical education on new therapeutic solutions. The health care provider is equipped with the latest data, techniques and cost-effective uses from our readily available training materials, which are served in a variety of forms including hands-on workshops, skill labs, manuals and digital media.”

A look at the company’s future is both exciting and transformational. “Guided by the spirit and legacy of Conrad Jobst, BSN medical will continue on its journey by remaining focused on patient outcomes and innovation, with a steadfast commitment to heavy investment in research and development. We continue to strive to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the pack, as we provide our customers with innovative therapeutic solutions that help them heal wounds, live their daily lives and enjoy lasting health,” summarizes Muñoz.

With Muñoz at the helm leading its North American efforts, paired with employees who put the patient first, BSN is headed in the right direction with a strong tie to its JOBST roots.