American Venous Forum Announces Fellows' Course in Venous Diseases

by Peter Pappas, MD and AVF President

The American Venous Forum’s Vascular Fellows’ Course is pleased to announce the partnership with Steve Elias, MD, FACS, FACPh, Founder and Director of The Fellows’ Course in Venous Diseases. Education of new and practicing physicians is one of the AVF’s mission priorities and its leadership is recognized throughout the world as thought leaders and experts in venous disease. This partnership makes good educational sense and this unified effort benefits all concerned with venous disease care.

AVF and Dr. Elias are committed to continuing the consistent high quality, interactive and hands-on experience that has made the Fellows’ Course in Venous Disease so successful. Faculty-fellow interaction is crucial for the fellows’ experience during the course; therefore enrollment is limited to 35 attendees per each course site. The faculty consists of AVF leaders in the field of venous disease and local experts from each host site.

The course program will cover:

• Anatomy and pathophysiology of venous disorders and noninvasive diagnostics
• Chronic venous insufficiency (superficial, perforator & deep)
• Pregnancy, upper extremity venous issues, acute dVT and wound care
• Future of venous disease
• The business of venous disease

AVF will offer three regional courses in 2010:

May 2-4, 2010
Host: Steve Elias, MD
Englewood Hospital and Medical Center
Englewood, NJ

September 12-14, 2010
Host: Mark Meissner, MD
University of Washington Medical School
Seattle, WA

December 2-4, 2010
Host: Joann Lohr, MD
Good Samaritan Hospital
Cincinnati, OH

By holding true to the much-admired informal, interactive, intimate format; the course continues to provide training of best practices in evaluation and management of venous disease through a balanced mix of didactic and clinical experiences.

Fellows’ travel, lodging and meal expenses are supported by unrestricted medical educational grants and industry sponsorship. Fellows are registered on a first-come, first-served basis and each application must be accompanied by a Letter of Endorsement from their Program Director in order to be considered.

The AVF is excited for the 2010 courses and look forward expanding the tradition of providing free access to the highest quality education for young trainees in the field of venous disease. The AVF’s Fellows’ Course in Venous Disease is open to Vascular Surgery and Interventional Radiology Fellows.

For more information and an application, please go to or call the national office at 978-744-5005.