American Venous Forum Introduces Policy Navigator for Varicose Veins

by Allie Woodward

The American Venous Forum is proud to launch Venous Policy Navigator, an exclusive criteria database supporting practices providing superficial venous procedures.

Put an End to Costly Denial of Claims and Reimbursement

Venous Policy Navigator contains up-to-date preauthorization terminology and documentation requirements of more than 330 payers across the U.S. in a user-friendly, web-based format for seamless preparation of coverage requests and improved delivery of patient care. This tool saves time and adds efficiencies to the preauthorization, coding, and billing processes associated with varicose veins procedures.

Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive approval criteria for varicose vein treatment modalities
  • Sortable by provider with direct links to coverage criteria
  • Provides precise language required, eliminating interpretation
  • Updated monthly with the most current venous treatment policies

Put Venous Policy Navigator to Work for You

Venous Policy Navigator is for you if your practice provides venous procedures, interacts with multiple insurance providers, or needs improved efficiency in working with billers or pre-authorizers. The question isn’t if your practice can afford to use Venous Policy Navigator, it’s can it afford NOT to? Learn more about why Venous Policy Navigator is an essential tool for your practice or program. For more information, visit

Policy Navigator in Action

In the short time since its release, Policy Navigator has received excellent reviews. Here is a testimonial from AVF Member and Policy Navigator user Dr. Hal Welch:

"With more than 300 policies covering varicose veins in the U.S., attempting to stay on top of all these policies and changes without notification is a full-time job. Policy Navigator for varicose veins will help you and your practice immensely.

It is very easy to find a particular varicose vein policy, and you can rapidly check each treatment modality to see if it is covered, any coverage criteria, or any restrictions. Treatment modalities include all the thermal and non-thermal techniques, as well as phlebectomy and sclerotherapy.

My office has been a beta test site for this program, and I have used it on a number of occasions. I found it simple to use as we could quickly sort for policies in our coverage area. The data is contained in a familiar, easily navigable, and sortable Excel spreadsheet.

There is a clickable link directly to each payer’s online coverage policy for varicose veins. It is a very easy modality to use with a short learning curve.

In what I think is a great example, I had a patient come to our office in Cape Cod who had recently moved from Utah and had Rengence Insurance. I was able to quickly lookup his policy and let him know what the coverage was for any intervention.

I believe that Policy Navigator for varicose veins is a great addition to any vein practice and will avoid denials, improve preauthorization efficiency, and stay on top of the updates and frequent changes to payer’s policies."


"Venous Policy Navigator allows streamlined access to any insurance's varicose vein policy and provides details of each policy's criteria in one location. This improves the efficiency of my preauthorization staff, and since it is updated monthly, it can prevent denials when policy changes occur. My staff loves it!"

-Tony Gasparis, MD

“Navigating the insurance gaps and requirements in the treatment of venous disease is difficult, exhausting, and just hard to keep up with. The Venous Policy Navigator helps venous specialists manage these issues.”

-Kathleen Ozsvath, MD