AVLS PRO Venous Registry: 2.0 Goes Live!

THE AMERICAN Vein & Lymphatic Society and Joe Jenkins, MD, FACS, RPVI, RPhS, RVT, DABVLM, CWSP, Chair of the PRO Registry Operations Committee are excited to announce the completion of the new PRO Venous Registry 2.0 upgrade.
Over the past 18 months, the AVLS has not only upgraded the registry platform to a more modern design that improves data collection and research capabilities, but we have also expanded the breadth of the registry to collect data related to deep and pelvic venous disease and to enhance the compression therapy treatment module.

Once we complete the data migration, the PRO Registry will have more than 150 different providers across the United States with more than 120,000 unique patients, which will continue to grow as we add new patients and new providers already committed to participating in the registry. We expect to eclipse 200 providers by the end of 2020.

AVLS has also partnered with Anyon Institute for Artificial Intelligence to support our research committee activities by providing data analytics in addition to advanced data mining techniques specifically designed to identify various trends found in “big data” sources. The Research Committee of the AVLS – chaired by Marlin Schul, MD, MBA, RVT, FAVLS, President of the AVLS and architect behind the PRO Registry project – is preparing to advance a series of research projects across all facets of venous and lymphatic medicine. These projects will not only expand our understanding of how we treat these diseases, but also provide us with the data needed to advocate for improved access to appropriate care. We must continue to expand the provider base across the nation to support these research projects.

We invite you to join the AVLS PRO Venous Registry and become an integral part of driving the future of our field by contributing your data. Learn more at www.myavls.org/registry

Finally, I would like to thank Joe Jenkins and the PRO Registry Operations Committee, Michael Thompson, Director of Research at AVLS, and John Mangold, Managing Director of the Foundation for Venous & Lymphatic Disease, for the many months of effort to make the new PRO Registry 2.0 a reality. And most importantly, we want to acknowledge that this is all made possible by the financial support of the Foundation and the research grants provided by Medtronic, Boston Scientific, and Merit Medical!