News and New Products - Winter 2011

Acentec’s MedInformatix’ EHR Solution Achieves ONC Meaningful Use Certification

IRVINE, CA—Acentec today announced that MedInformatix Electronic Health Records (EHR) is among the industry’s first to achieve certification under the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)’ Office of National Coordinator (ONC) for Health IT’s Stage 1 meaningful use under provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Austin, Texas-based Drummond Group Inc., one of the first organizations that ONC has ordained as an Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ATCB) of EMR products, has certified that MedInformatix technology is capable of supporting eligible professionals (EPs) efforts to achieve meaningful IT use goals and objectives. “Meaningful use,” under Federal Government financial incentive programs, requires IT to enhance healthcare quality, patient safety, improve outcomes and lower costs.

Drummond tested the MedInformatix EMR this October, approving the software and listing it on HHS’ Certified Health IT Products Listing (CHPL).

“We’re very pleased to be offering one of the few fully certified EHR’s in the phlebology market,” stated Acentec President Jeff Mongelli. “In 2011, that translates into up to $18,000 in additional revenue per provider for vein practices nationwide.”

HK Surgical Introduces New CVT Tubing for use with Klein Infiltration Pump!

SAN CLEMENTE, CA—HK Surgical is pleased to announce the release of its new CVT Tubing – a new single-spike, infiltration tubing for use with the Klein Infiltration Pump in your vein ablation procedures to improve the infiltration experience.

Used in conjunction with HK Surgical’s Super Absorbent OR Table Pad, which holds over 1000 ml of fluid and is ideal for keeping your patients dry during the procedure (with only one pad needed per procedure), these products work together to provide the best experience for you and your patients.

To learn more about these products, please come by our booth #20 at the AVF Annual Meeting in San Diego, February 23-26, visit the HK Surgical website or call us at (800) 909-0060.

Venosan Introduces VenoHooks™

ASHEBORO, NC—Venosan North America is pleased to introduce the VENOHOOKS™ comprehensive range of instruments for vein surgery. These instruments are similar to those designed by eminent European doctors including Mueller, Varady, Ramelet and the original hook designed by Oesch®. All instruments are made in the USA with the exception of the original Oesch® hook and stripper.

Venosan North America’s president Robert Spalding explained that there are several hooks on the market with distal ends similar to the original hooks but what makes VENOHOOKS different are the handles. “Arguably, the handle is as important as the hook”, explains Spalding. “For example the handle of the Ramelet type hook is designed to roll eloquently between finger and thumb to allow a dissecting and hooking motion without changing instrument and, most important, a minimal size incision.

The handle of the Mueller type hook should fit nicely in the palm of the hand to allow a firm grip. The Varady type hook is designed to work for both right and left handed doctors and can be deftly turned to be a hook or a dissector. The Oesch hook has a solid, wide handle that gives its user a steady, firm grip while locating and removing a vein.”

Hooks are available in left or right handed models (except Varady type). For information or to see videos of the instruments in use, please visit the Venosan website or call 800-432-5347.

Medi Wins iF Award 2011 for Product Design

WHITSETT, NC—medi has received the iF product design award 2011 for its compression garment “Mediven for Men” from the International Forum Design. The sock, which was designed especially for men, impressed the judges in the evaluation criteria of finish, functionality and choice of materials. Over 2,750 product nominations from 43 nations in 16 categories were submitted for this year’s award. “Mediven for Men” was awarded the prestigious prize in the category medicine-health + care. For more information, please visit the mediUSA website or call 800-633-6334.

Improved Patient Care AND Marketing with CareApps™ Mobile Apps

OREM, UT—Position your facility a step ahead of your competitors with CareApps™ Mobile Apps for Smart Phones. CareApps™ empowers and educates patients with portable, hand-held applications for the iPhone, iPad and similar smart-phone devices.

CareApps™ mobile applications bridge the gap between patients and providers by offering multiple levels of patient interaction. Apps are branded with your clinic’s logo and proprietary content and can be integrated with your EMR to allow your patients access to a summary of their diagnostic and treatment information. Apps are HIPAA-compliant through password protection, providing patients with the convenience of having focused, relevant information about their customized care plan in their pocket or purse. Your patients will appreciate instant mobile access to their individualized treatment plan, along with answers to frequently asked questions.

CareApps™ offers customizable patient care interfaces for its apps. This allows you to optimize patient care and relationships with your facility by meeting your specific app requirements through an interface unique to your clinic. CareApps™ apps can also be customized for any medical specialty, allowing clinics with additional medical or cosmetic procedures to show their full range of treatment services.

A demonstration of the Vein Care app is available here. Please contact CareApps™ at: [email protected].com or call 866-200-3920 for more information.

Style-Savvy Women Go Nude in New SIGVARIS Soft Opaque Graduated Compression Hosiery

PEACHTREE CITY, GA—Women everywhere have fallen in love with the microfiber softness and comfort of Soft Opaque. Since the product launched in September, the demand for this product has been astounding. SIGVARIS is now manufacturing a skin-toned shade to keep up with the demands of customers that love this new product.

The nude shade is perfect for masking problem areas women don’t want others to see. Soft Opaque is also available in midnight blue, black, espresso and graphite shades. Styles include calf-length, thigh-highs and pantyhose. Soft Opaque is popular because it has the luxurious look and feel of products found at high-end department stores with all the benefits of medical compression hosiery.

SIGVARIS medical compression hosiery promotes leg health and is universally recommended for both the surgical and nonsurgical treatment of venous disorders. The product may also be worn to alleviate heavy, tired legs for women during pregnancy. To learn more about keeping your legs healthy, visit the Sigvaris website. Learn more about Soft Opaque here, and watch a video about it here.

Help Patients Accept Treatment

COSTA MESA, CA—With trends in reimbursement continuing to widen the gap between insurance coverage and the cost of care, many vascular surgery practices have found a way to help patients manage self-pay portions by adding CareCredit Patient Payment Plans.

CareCredit offers a comprehensive range of convenient monthly payment plans that fit comfortably into a patient’s budget. In addition to helping patients obtain treatment, practices that offer CareCredit also enjoy immediate payment, reducing their billing and A/R costs while improving cash flow.

A part of GE Capital, and the nation’s leading provider of patient financing, CareCredit has helped more than 7 million patients get care and is offered in over 140,000 healthcare practices nationwide. For more information on how to increase treatment acceptance with CareCredit, call 800-300-3046, ext. 4519 or visit the Care Credit website.

Renowned Expert from Nationally-Recognized Medical Center Writes Patient’s Reference Guide on Venous Disease.

GLENDALE, AZ—While venous disease affects 50-80 million people in the United States, and the treatment of varicose veins by doctors in the US is growing at over 30% a year, this is a great indication that patients are finally seeking treatment for a progressive disease.

“Varicose Veins…A Patient’s Reference” is the first reference guide developed specifically to enhance a patient’s understanding of the causes, symptoms and treatment options for venous disorders. It is written for potential vein patients in a language they can understand and provides insight that they can apply on their first visit with the doctor of their choice. The content of the book encompasses all treatments of venous disease in various stages, with a variety of medical treatment. This book offers patients with venous disease an insight into newer treatments available with commentary from an industry insider.

James Heinz is the founder and managing partner of The Center for Venous Disease, and author of “Varicose Veins…A Patient’s Reference”. He has worked in healthcare for over 25 years. Before he started CVD, he worked with VNUS Medical Technologies. VNUS designed the first endovenous catheter system for ablating veins. During his career, James brought new technology to many doctors, hospitals, and surgery centers. Most importantly, he brought new vein care technology to the Southwest region of the US through VNUS.

You can take advantage of the opportunity to sell copies in your office, give to your patients, mail to your referral sources and educate your staff. The book sells for $16.95 to consumers; however physicians and clinicians have the opportunity to purchase for $14.95. To request an order form at the discounted price, please contact Michelle Parciak.

BioMedix™ Releases PADnet™ DMS 2.0 Advanced Vascular Program Solution

SAINT PAUL, MN–BioMedix™ Vascular Solutions, Inc. announced today the release of PADnet™ Disease Management System 2.0 (PADnet ™ DMS 2.0) – the enriched and redesigned evolution of its original innovative product, PDMS. The new PADnet™ DMS 2.0 features advanced reporting capabilities and a web-based interface that allows Healthcare Administrators to access and analyze network activity, accurately track referral patterns, and easily view and print reports. The seamless network connects patients with the best interventionalist for higher levels of study and intervention, leading to better care and business performance. The comprehensive suite of web-based tools implemented in the continuum of care platform enables hospitals to track clinical and financial outcomes of their vascular labs and interventional suites. For more information about BioMedix™ products, call 877-854-0014 or log on to the BioMedix website.

Vascular Solutions introduces the SmartNeedle® Vascular Access System

MINNEAPOLIS, MN–Vascular Solutions, Inc. recently acquired the SmartNeedle® Vascular Access system from Escalon Medical. The SmartNeedle system consists of a hand-held monitor and onetime use needles designed to provide auditory ultrasound guided access to arteries and veins during catheterization procedures.

Sterile, single-use SmartNeedles range from 18G to 24G, with bare tip and sheathed IV options. Bare-tipped needles are available in 18G, 20G and 22G sizes, and consist of a detachable Doppler probe that is housed within the lumen of a standard sized introducer needle. IV sheathed needles, used when attempting to access a vessel with the intent of leaving a small catheter in place, are available in 20G, 22G, 24G and 26G sizes. For more information, visit the Vascular Solutions website or call 763-656-4300.

Veinwave™ Celebrates its 10th Anniversary, Offers Discounted Pricing

MIDDLESEX, UK— To celebrate their milestone in achieving 10 years of success, Adam Rubens of Sovereign Medical Health and his counterpart at Medical Innovations, Laurence Newman, are personally subsidizing current sales of the Veinwave device to the tune of $1,000 for each year its success. In other words, they have agreed to reduce the price from $25,000 to only $15,000, a savings of $10,000. This offer is only available in the USA. For more information go to the Vein Wave website or call 888-902-7876.