Syris Adds SyrEase Syringe Adaptor and Veinrite Training Systems to Product Line

Pam WilkinsonSyris Scientific, a leading provider of polarized vision enhancement devices, is now adding two new devices—a syringe adaptor that augments better control during sclerotherapy and a training system for improved needle placement proficiency.

After introducing the v900L polarized headlight in 2014, Syris is proud to introduce the SyrEase Syringe Adaptor, which allows for precise needle control and placement during aspiration and injection. The package includes 3 cc syringes for the convenience of the doctor.

Also new is a series of three Veinrite training systems created to provide a method for practicing needle placement without the fear of causing pain or harm to a real person.

SyrEase Syringe Adaptor

Syris Syringe AdaptorDr. Jeffrey S. Gosin of Shore Vascular & Vein Center in Somers Point, New Jersey typically uses the clip and Syris v900L headlight interchangeably and together on his cases. “With the SyrEase clip, you don’t need an assistant. You can use one hand to hold the skin taught, and even aspirate the syringe singlehandedly with the attachment in place,” he says. “Within a couple of injections, a couple of cases, it’s easy to learn how to use it.” Because Dr. Gosin is right-handed, he uses his left hand to pull the skin taught and help stabilize it. Then he stabilizes the syringe in his right hand. “I only need my thumb and the little slide to be able to inject, or on some of the larger veins, aspirate slightly. That really eliminates any extravasation of the sclerosant and allows you do to a very good job.”

Veinrite Training System by Vascular Phantom Training Systems

Vascular Phantom Training Systems introduces the Veinrite line of turnkey vascular access training phantoms that provide the tactile feel of human tissue pertaining to needle stick, drag, and penetration during vascular access procedures. The Veinrite trainers offer anatomically accurate vessel depth, size, and shape for both pediatrics and adults.

Veinrite training phantoms are an ideal way to learn to use near-infrared, polarized light, and ultrasound imaging to improve procedural outcomes. Clinicians develop, practice, and maintain vascular access skills without risking patient harm, unwanted outcomes, failed procedures and possible liability associated with patient injury. Veinrite training phantoms pay for themselves by providing a better clinical skill set, which reduces unwanted outcomes, failed procedures, and wasted time and materials.

Veinrite Training Systems

Syris Scientific is proud to offer products that have helped the vascular medical profession for more than 20 years and continues to offer products that are beneficial during procedures with vision, control and training methods; all made in the USA. For more information visit