Eco-Friendly Medical Office Interiors

Just as a good doctor goes beyond measuring statistics and charts to diagnose a patient, healthcare interior design company ART Design has created just the right way to tailor and tune the atmosphere and décor of a medical office to appeal and appease both clients and patients.

When Dr. Michael Hedayat, an in-house doctor for HeartSavers, a preventative medical imaging clinic, was looking to remodel and reenergize the atmosphere he looked no further than ART Design. “The office’s previous layout was not patient friendly nor was it practical,” explained Dr. Hedayat. “Both the furniture and space-plan lacked the looks patients find attractive, and most importantly, it lacked the workable design that we need as doctors and staff to tend to our patients.”

Dr. Hedeya said the clinic was hoping to transform its office from being cold and unappealing into a serene environment, where elements of harmony, art and innovative medical technology flow cohesively. “As doctors we appreciate ART Design’s patienthealing strategy because we find it puts our patients at ease with its friendly, green and calming ambiance,” Dr. Hedayat added.

Farah Davani, who alongside her former schoolmate and business partner, Azi Shashani, founded ART Design five years ago, said; “Our main goal when designing clinics is to provide an environment of comfort for the patients while also maintaining functionality for the staff.” The ART Design team has been specializing in a unique style of design that focuses on patient healing. Their approach is to employ the use of warmer textures, colors and lighting.

While each project may be drastically different in style and design, the goal remains the same: to further enhance the patients healing process. And in order to do so, the designers adroitly use colors, aroma, sounds, and space that provide a calming look and feel necessary in healthcare clinics. Simply said, making a sanctuary for staff, doctors and patients.

Seeking tranquility in these bustling facilities is quite the feat, especially at larger offices, but with their use of ‘green products and sustainable design’ the pair has created such desirable and eco-friendly retreats. They have found much success with their sustainable philosophy design, which promotes the use of renewable resources that help patients relate to the natural environment. It was such green products like bamboo and linoleum that they predominantly used in the HeartSavers clinic. The designers use a wide variety of green-design flooring options. When looks and aesthetics are taken into account like in lobbies and waiting areas cork and bamboo are commonly used. While in labs and exam room’s eco-friendly linoleum floors are used more often because it is hypoallergenic, durable, sanitary and resilient to rolling equipment. “It’s this blend of art and ecology that brings elements of balance and sustainability into the daily lives of the staff and patients,” said Davani.

ART Design hopes to seek tranquility when designing these medical workplaces. Coziness, sophistication and warmth are key elements, and in order to achieve such styles in medical offices and accommodate the doctors appropriately, the team conducts a number of one-on-one interviews with their clients. After the interviews are held, the designers then administer extensive research and surveys to find out their clients wants and needs. The designers incorporate the sustainable design principles into the project. And the end result is a custom interior tailored for each client’s specific and unique desires.

So when looking to remodel your medical office, these women have found the key to designing for the clients that are practical and eco-friendly and environmentally savvy. They take their projects seriously and fulfill their client’s desires for both an aesthetically appealing and green-designed interiors. For more information about ART Design, please call Azi Shashani (949) 278-1187.