This Old Office: The Vein Treatment Center Adds a Minimalist Touch to a Classically Designed Space

by Jade Mangahis

Tucked away on a quaint, tree-lined block in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, The Vein Treatment Center prides itself on being one of the most proven and comprehensive vein treatment facilities in all of New York. Founded in 1982 by Luis Navarro, M.D., The Vein Treatment Center, located at 327 East 65th St., offers treatments including sclerotherapy, laser therapy, ambulatory surgery and, house-favorite, Endolaser. Navarro and his highly specialized staff aim to treat venous problems while obtaining the best possible cosmetic results.

In addition to offering the most up-to-date treatments, the facility presents a modern take on interior design. Navarro collaborated with long-time friend and architect Paul Dierkes to renovate the landmark brownstone building. Renovation is a challenging task, as it is difficult to balance the preservation of the old space with the creation the new one, Navarro said.

The duo beautifully mastered this juxtaposition of the old and the new by combining modern and European design aesthetic with natural colors to create a sophisticated yet welcoming atmosphere.

“Our intent was to have a very clean, modern, classic look without being overly fashionable,” Navarro explained. “Patients come in for medical conditions as well as for cosmetic reasons, so we wanted to design an environment that was very nice, calm and elegant.”

While the architecture is classically designed, the interior offers a minimalist feel with modern furnishings and contemporary artwork. Patients experience this ambiance the moment they spot the ivy-framed plaque announcing The Vein Treatment Center and approach the nostalgic door with brass fixtures. The entrance is an elaborately molded doorframe reminiscent of Early American architecture. The lobby offers a bouquet of bright, colorful contemporary paintings created by female artists. The art decorates the interior’s eggshell–colored walls and creates a vivid interplay with the neutral tans of the carpeting.

Lights are dimmed in the lobby and waiting areas to provide a calm environment, while the patient rooms are lit with energy-saving fluorescent lights. The office features two waiting rooms—one on each level—accented by various design details such as hand-painted wall panels.

Both upstairs and downstairs receptionist stations feature tan tile counters in a frosted-glass enclosure—a detail that Navarro said resembles sand and water. Other nature-based accents, such as lush plants and fresh floral arrangements are found throughout the office and add to the overall tranquility.

“The office’s ambiance is exactly what we wanted: calm and almost sanctuary-like with the mirrors, water and fresh flowers,” Navarro said.

The examination rooms are the only part of The Vein Treatment Center that actually resembles a doctor’s office. These rooms vary in color, ranging from light blue to yellow and continuing the clean-and-calm theme.

Navarro said The Vein Treatment Center follows a rigorous maintenance schedule to ensure the office continues to uphold its high standards. The carpets are frequently cleaned and seasonally changed. Fresh flowers are brought in weekly. The staff at The Vein Treatment Center views these upkeeps as essential to maintenance as well as keeping the office fresh-looking.

“We are very specialized and accomplished in what we do, so the ambiance of our office should complement the quality of services we provide,” Navarro said.