Opening a Vein Practice is Easier than You Think!

Founded in 2001, Vein Centers for Excellence (VCFE) is the only company in the country that provides 100% dedication and focus on assisting physicians to operate profitable vein practices. VCFE acts as an extension of your practice handling such functions as: site selection, demographic research and studies, lease negotiations, product and equipment acquisition, all billing and accounting hardware and software, clinical training, officestaff training, ongoing medical billing functions, all accounting functions including bill-pay, payroll, monthly financials and bank account reconciliation, complete marketing planning, tracking and implementation, and all IT support and set-up.

Physicians affiliated with VCFE are miles ahead of the competition; their cost per case is 50% less than the majority of stand-alone vein practices and they have a full-time team of experts all working towards their success. This fact makes VCFE unique to the vein industry. VCFE is compensated based on a percentage of collections; thus, if your practice is not successful, VCFE is not successful.

“Joining VCFE is the only way I could have entered the vein specialty and taken off running from day one. The cost of trying to do it on my own and the learning curve involved would have been a very high hurdle to jump and I am not sure that I would have had the time or resources to develop a profitable practice.

Additionally, the clinical and business expertise that I receive on a daily basis is unmatched in the medical profession. VCFE is the only way to develop or continue to operate a successful vein practice.”

Arlen G. Fleisher, MD
Board-Certified Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Vein Centers for Excellence of Westchester