Better Visualization: A Closer look at Syris Scientific’s v900L

Hands-free polarized headset lights for enhanced visualization to medical professionals performing vascular procedures, as well as other treatments that benefit from seeing below the surface of the skin, have been an asset to medical specialists who perform vascular and dermatologic procedures. For a number of years, Syris Scientific, located in Gray, Maine, has been leading the way in this space.

For more than 15 years, specialists have been using the Syris Scientific predicate devices that include the v300, v600, and Vantage. Considered the industry’s visualization leader using a polarized halogen light source, Syris’ engineers found a way to incorporate not only the LED light source for the v900L, but use suggestions from the sales field and other medical experts to offer intelligent and enhanced features. Today the company is proud of their newest model: v900L.

Better for the specialist and patient

A company spokesperson told Vein Magazine that the v900L is not only lighter, but that the superior white LED light runs cooler. The device is noticeably quieter and, even more important, continues to remain hands-free. The overall advantages to the patient is that the light actually increases accuracy, resulting in less tissue damage from overlapping or difficulty in identifying vascular structures or hair follicles.

V900L is battery operated for mobility, which eliminates tethering to the wall and removes the need for a second assist. Experts agree that the advancements made are revolutionary,and they highlight that Syris devices are a necessary tool for conducing several procedures. Steven E. Zimmet, MD RVT FAC Ph of Vein and Dermatology in Austin, Texas, who is using the new v900L in sclerotherapy procedures, elaborates: “I absolutely love the new v900L light.

The optics are excellent, the battery charge lasts for several hours, and it’s very lightweight. I like it so much I’d like to purchase a second one. It truly makes me a better sclerotherapist, and I find it very useful for various other procedures such as skin checks and laser treatments.” Ofelia N. Melley, MD of The Laser Institute of Pinehurst, North Carolina, agrees and commented on the advantage of the head lamp.

“We love our new v900L Vision System’s head lamp,” she said. “Now that it has arrived I don’t know how we did without it. Thanks so much for loaning us the older model until this one came out.”

Reduces operator fatigue

The v300H and the new v900L Visualization Systems each provide visualization 1mm below the skin’s surface. The engineering technology combines illumination, magnification and polarization, which reduces reflective glare from the skin and ultimately minimizes stress and eye fatigue.

“I’ve had Syris headsets, developed under the supervision of Dr. Rox Anderson, in both of my laser rooms since 2001. We use them every day because they help us do better, safer work and reduce operator fatigue,” notes Kevin C. Smith, MD, FRCPC Niagra Falls Dermatology, Niagra Falls, Canada.

Medical specialists agree that the Syris headsets not only increase accuracy, but also reduce procedure times, especially for several laser procedures, including sclerotherapy, resurfacing, hair removal, hair transplantations, plastic surgery. and general dermatologic procedures.

Dr. Eric Bernstein of Main Line Center Laser Surgery, Armore, PA, offered: “I use the Syris all day long when lasering vessels anywhere on the body. I find it indispensable. It cuts down my treatment times and I don’t have to constantly lift my laser glasses to see the target vessels; the vessels jump right out at you. It is an indispensible tool. I cannot work without it!