BioMedix Improving Care Delivery Through Collaborative Health Information Technology

Since its start in 1997, BioMedix has been dedicated to enabling more efficient and effective patient care by meeting the needs of evolving medical communities. Over the past 14 years, through the continual expansion and improvement of integrated products and services within a collaborative care model, BioMedix has become a leader in Health Information Technology (HIT) solutions connecting specialists, primary care physicians, vascular labs and healthcare systems.

From its earliest products for vascular specialists (the Vascular Report Generator, Portable Vascular Lab and Vascular Diagnostic Lab devices) to PAD net™+, its award-winning flagship product for the detection of vascular disease – particularly Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) and Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI) – BioMedix has long encouraged collaborative relationships between cardio and vascular specialists and primary care physicians. The company’s efforts provide big results: Connecting physicians fosters the exchange of advice and expertise, builds bonds among colleagues and creates professional partnerships that help to optimize patient care. As a result, BioMedix is actively addressing gaps in healthcare and information exchange by expanding this disease detection network of local “hub-andspoke” systems.

A Growing Network for BioMedix

In today’s changing health care landscape, BioMedix continues to adapt its solutions to cost-effectively connect the greatest number of care providers. In 2011, the company demonstrated its commitment to making its suite of Health Information Technology solutions accessible to more health care professionals by introducing PAD net™ Disease Management System 2.0 (PAD net™ DMS 2.0) for Specialists, as well as TRAKnet™ PM practice management and Electronic Health Record (EHR) software for primary care and sub-specialty practices. TRAKnet™ PM had originally been tailored specifically to podiatric physician practices. A new edition of the fully certified* EHR and practice management solution was introduced for non-podiatric primary care and sub specialty practices, supporting increased efficiency and reduced costs for an even greater audience. TRAKnet™ PM integrates with PAD net™+ to create another time-saving link in the continuum of collaborative care.

PAD net™+ test site placement efforts are expanding to engage additional specialist audiences. Since 2004, BioMedix has supported cardio and vascular specialists as both testing locations for PAD and CVI and as remotely connected expert test interpreters, or readers. In 2010, the PAD net™+ device was enhanced with an available Segmental Pressure capability to offer improved disease identification at cardio and vascular specialist test sites.

Through increased outreach and development efforts, BioMedix is determined to bring more specialists, including cardiologists, nephrologists, endocrinologists, bariatric specialists and vein care centers, into the collaborative care model. Expanding the number of specialists testing for vascular disease supports greater opportunities for patient treatment and early intervention, as well as greater awareness of PAD and CVI within the community.

The company’s unique total disease management system has also been made more accessible. Originally envisioned exclusively for hospital and health system use, the company recognized that today’s cardio and vascular specialist offices were in need of more robust patient tracking and management capabilities. PAD net™ DMS 2.0 for Specialists was customized in order to cast a wider net to find patients with disease via remote PAD net™+ test sites working with specialist “hubs” at the center.

The program was designed to facilitate increased community outreach and patient tracking while supporting vascular and venous ablation programs. Linking medical devices with powerful tools and a searchable data repository allows replicable care models to be developed wherein patients can be efficiently treated with appropriate care, without duplication of services or unnecessary cost. PAD net™ DMS 2.0 program success can be tracked in real time using the program’s cloud based Network Reporting Dashboard—an advanced online portal that gives practice administrators an overview of referrals and patient tests.

The launch of PAD net™ DMS 2.0 for Specialists embodies the aspiration of company leadership to engage specialists to lead the healthcare community toward greater coordination in disease detection and management. “Our care model allows specialists to have a virtual presence in every primary care setting, enabling improved care through cost-effective coordination and collaboration of physicians in different physical locations,” stated John Romans, BioMedix President & CEO , about the potential of the collaborative care model.

BioMedix was recently awarded a U.S. patent recognizing its innovative solutions and methods for detecting and managing cardiovascular disease through facilitating partnerships between primary care and specialists, and by taking advantage of the specialists’ expertise, while still allowing testing to be easily performed at a variety of accessible test locations.

This is the fifth patent to be awarded to BioMedix for its unique innovations. PAD net™+ has been recognized by the Advisory Board Company’s Cardiovascular Roundtable research publication as a cardiovascular service line best practice and was also recognized by Frost & Sullivan with the 2005 Product Leadership of the Year award.

Combining People and Products

These award-winning solutions present great potential to move healthcare forward in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. While enhancing products helps to bring more physicians under the collaborative care umbrella, company leadership also recognized that connecting with experts and key opinion leaders would be vital to affecting the delivery of care. As a result, BioMedix appointed respected speaker and vascular surgeon, John D. Martin, MD , FAC S, as Medical Director.

A well-known researcher and author, Dr. Martin is one of the only board certified Vascular Surgeons in the nation who is also the CEO of a major cardiology practice. As Medical Director, Dr. Martin oversees care improvement initiatives, research agendas and medical policy development for the company’s medical devices and collaborative care platforms.

“I am excited to be part of an organization that has long been dedicated to promoting early detection and prevention of cardiovascular events,” said Dr. Martin. “BioMedix continues to make a difference with its innovative products, and the company continues to expand its technology to offer a greater platform for providers to collaborate to find and treat more patients with cardio and vascular disease.”

As part of its efforts to contribute to cardiovascular care while promoting meaningful exchange with practicing cardiovascular specialists, BioMedix supports a number of coalitions and organizations. Since 2006, BioMedix has been a corporate sponsor of the PAD Coalition to raise awareness of PAD and the importance of early detection. BioMedix also supports the Vascular Disease Foundation (VDF) and Society for Vascular Nursing (SVN).

As part of its mission to reduce disparities in care, the company’s most recent partnership was formed with the Association of Black Cardiologists (ABC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating disparities related to cardiovascular disease. Founded in 1974, ABC today has an international membership of 2,500 health professionals, community health advocates, corporate and institutional members.

Looking Forward

BioMedix strives not only to be a leader in healthcare technology, but to demonstrate how effective healthcare reform and delivery models can be implemented. As a company that has grown rapidly from a startup to a leader in its field, BioMedix has succeeded in improving patient lives through medical devices and software with the support of partners, key opinion leaders, and physician and specialist communities. BioMedix continues to evolve as a company, finding innovative ways to support healthcare communities who play such a vital role in shaping the delivery of care for PADand CVI.

To improve the long-term outcomes for patients with vascular disease, physicians and specialists will ideally identify all those at risk, appropriately test and diagnose as early in the disease progression as possible, and move patients through a seamless care continuum in which providers collaborate to deliver the most appropriate, evidencebased care for each patient.

As these goals are considered, healthcare professionals will require the support of new, setting- specific technology. BioMedix has a clear vision of the possibilities in a future of effective, coordinated healthcare. BioMedix serves as an example of how to streamline healthcare delivery and impact patient care by using its platform of connected products with a mission of connecting care providers around fragmented disease states as a model for better patient care.

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*Office of the National Coordinator for Health certification – Vendor Name: BioMedix; Date Certified: 10/28/2010; Product Version: TRAKnet Practice Management Software 2.0; Unique Certification ID: CC-1112-101360-2; www.