Biosound Esaote releases the all new MyLab25Gold

Adapting technologies from their flagship MyLab®70 XV, the new MyLab®25Gold wants to change the perception of limited functionality in hand-carried ultrasound. “The MyLab®25Gold has broken through the barriers and is setting new standards in diagnostic quality and solutions. The new MyLab® platform delivers outstanding performance and defines a new class of systems,” said Mark Mollenkopf, RDMS, RVT- Business Director for Biosound's Phlebology and Intra-procedural ultrasound division.

Two probe connectors allow fast probe selection and activation as well as extended range of applications. The enhanced ergonomics aid in obtaining the best imaging in the shortest time. The high performance 15” LCD monitor ensures clear image visualization with low reflection and eyestrain. With the MyLab®25Gold, every technological innovation and solution has been re-designed and applied, allowing unmatched performance, increased diagnostic confidence and extreme ease of use. Standard features include the latest version of XView, a real-time adaptive algorithm that elaborates the pattern of every single frame at the pixel level. XView eliminates speckle and noise artifacts while dynamically enhancing tissue-margins and reducing tissue-ambiguity. XView increases diagnostic confidence without negative manipulation of the final image or loss of frame rate. MView (Compound Imaging) allows for a significant increase in spatial resolution. Clips digital video archiving allows for the capture, storage, review and export of real-time B-Mode and CFM. MyLab®25Gold also offers the most up-to date solutions for Advanced Networking. As private offices are going paperless, physicians are asking for quick and easy methods to export, review, report and share clinical data. To meet this demand, MyLab®25Gold offers the following: high capacity( >120 GB) HD, USB 2.0 and CD/DVD to export clinical data, integrated network board for direct connection to LAN, direct connection to external PC or workstation, compatibility with mobile devices, easy connection to Windows®/DICOM printers, wireless connection capability and optional integrated lightweight battery.

For more information on the new MyLab®25Gold, please call Biosound Directly at 800-428-4374 ext. 6409.