How VEIN Magazine's 10th Anniversary Can Help us Lead a More Fulfilling Life

Helane Fronek, MDHappy anniversary, VEIN Magazine! In its 10 years, this publication has provided important information about new technologies and products, insights from colleagues on wide-ranging topics from how to effectively run a practice, to analysis of important research in the field, updates on activities of our venous organizations, and highlights of meetings throughout the year.

Innovative and personable, VEIN Magazine continually seeks new content to weave us together as one community, dedicated to offering the best care for venous and lymphatic disorders.

Anniversaries, like all rituals, are important vehicles for our psyches to recognize that something significant has happened, and they provide an opportunity to consider what we want for the future.

Take a moment and remember our field before VEIN Magazine. How has it supported us in our lives and work as vein specialists, organizations, and as a community? As we move into the future, what unmet needs persist? How can VEIN Magazine bring us closer together and improve the value we bring to patients? By answering these questions, we harvest the occasion of its anniversary to create the best use of this wonderful gift from its editors, staff and sponsors.

Similarly, we can use rituals throughout our day to enhance the quality of every aspect of our lives. We already engage in many simple rituals, such as hugging or kissing loved ones when we leave for work in the morning. Bringing mindfulness to these often-mindless interactions can restore our awareness of how important these people are to us. A sense of gratitude for their presence in our lives sends us out the door with a more loving perspective through which to view the other experiences of our day.

As we knock on each exam room door, we can recognize that we are about to make a difference in the life of another human being. This awareness may help to restore and nourish the precious relationship between doctor and patient that we all cherish. And if we become upset during our day, the ritual of taking a deep breath before reacting can help to clear our mind and open our heart to the true issue at stake, allowing us to respond more appropriately, kindly, and effectively to the situation.

As VEIN Magazine’s 10th year allows us to consider its past and future value, every anniversary we recognize can provide this structure so we appreciate and optimize other parts of our lives. Whether an employee has just completed one year with you, it’s been five years since you accepted a leadership role, or you’re reaching a milestone birthday, take a moment to be grateful for the benefits and learning that have occurred. Then, imagine even bigger goals you can encourage and work toward.

In this way, we can use rituals throughout our lives to be the best versions of ourselves, creating the lives we most want to live.