Work & Life Balance

Looking For the Perfect Gift

The holidays will soon be upon us — and with them, the stress of finding that perfect gift for our families, friends, colleagues and employees. Advertising comes at us from all angles, and we wonder what each perso...Continue Reading

Power of People

During his inaugural address, President Obama repeated the words, “We, the people,” many times. He evoked a sense of collective and personal responsibility and encouraged us to use our power to enact change. B...Continue Reading

Making the Most of Our Lives Use the UIP as your First Experiment!

As Gretchen Rubin muses in her delightful and inspiring book, The Happiness Project, the days are long but life is short. (That is also the reason why we’re wisely encouraged to eat dessert first!) For most of us, l...Continue Reading

The Journey to Our Destination Often Holds Many Riches

Physicians are achievement oriented. We strive, we accomplish, and then we strive for something else. But there is so much between the striving and the accomplishing that we would benefit from investigating, acknowledging...Continue Reading

Is It Time? Phlebology as a Recognized Speciality in the US

By Saundra S. Spruiell, DO, FACPh The recognition of Phlebology as a bona fide specialty within the United States is in a dynamic state. Although it more widely recognized today than even 10 years ago, continu...Continue Reading

This Moment Matters

I recently listened to a friend’s frustrations with her roommate. The roommate often encouraged behavior and ideas that were in conflict with my friend’s true values. In an attempt to “look on the bright...Continue Reading

The Ethics and Heart of Accountability

Ask most medical students what attracted them to our profession and they say, “I want to help people.” In fact, one of the tenets of the practice of medicine is Primum Non Nocere - above all, do no harm. So wh...Continue Reading

Helane Fronek: What's Your Definition of Competence?

We medical professionals carry large and awesome responsibilities on our shoulders. I often remember when my sister, a Senior VP of a large retail company, said, “Helane, if I make a mistake, we might lose a few mil...Continue Reading

What's Still Here?

Medical training teaches us to become keen observers. We notice things about our patients as soon as we walk in the room: shortness of breath, anxiety, pain. We also notice changes since their last visit: weight loss, dif...Continue Reading

Accidental Leaders

by Helane Fronek, MD, FACP, FACPh Years ago, I mistakenly believed that providing excellent medical care to patients was my only role. My employees were unengaged, communication faltered and office morale plummeted as I...Continue Reading