Work & Life Balance

Physician Burnout: The End of a Career or an Opportunity for Growth?

I walked into my office and checked my schedule. As I had done for several years, I counted the number of people I had to see before I could go home. Not wanting to admit to myself that I was unhappy, I continued to treat...Continue Reading

Choose Freedom

Funny thing about freedom, we Americans believe strongly in the concept of freedom and will risk our lives for freedom around the world. And yet, many people live day-to-day with no sense of freedom at all; they feel trap...Continue Reading

What Stories and Rules Do You Live By?

A client explained that she grew up in a family in which her parents argued a lot and her brother was a “loose cannon.” She would do whatever was necessary to appease her brother and calm her parents, even if...Continue Reading

What Makes a Good Mentor?

Think back on your greatest challenges, life transitions, and accomplishments. Chances are, there were people, mentors who opened your mind to new possibilities, helped you find your courage, bolstered you when you were d...Continue Reading

Embracing Who We Are: A Win-Win for Everyone

Recently I watched medical students practice communication skills as an actor played the part of a newly diagnosed diabetic. The students were tasked with explaining diabetes and negotiating a plan for further testing and...Continue Reading

How VEIN Magazine's 10th Anniversary Can Help us Lead a More Fulfilling Life

Happy anniversary, VEIN Magazine! In its 10 years, this publication has provided important information about new technologies and products, insights from colleagues on wide-ranging topics from how to effectively run a pra...Continue Reading

Meat-ing at the Annual Congress

by Mike Armitage One of the first things I noticed when I moved to Austin, Texas was how the entire city smelled of barbecue. I knew I had found home. When attending the 2017 ACP Annual Congress this November in Austi...Continue Reading

Only Caring Can Teach Others to Care

Physicians are expected to be continually present to the needs of our patients and staff, and to care about and deal efficiently and competently with those needs. The stakes are high, as patients’ lives are at risk...Continue Reading

Are You Playing to Win, or Playing Not to Lose?

When I met my husband, an avid skier, I realized I better learn to ski and like it, if the relationship was to work. Fortunately, I did. Skiing became a fun family activity and a great way to enjoy being in nature durin...Continue Reading

Want Greater Success? Focus on Your Strengths

Our daughter, leaning toward a career in surgery, asked me why I felt it was a good fit for her. “Because you’re a decisive leader, action-oriented, good with your hands and you can walk into a chaotic situati...Continue Reading