Director's Note

Long Pants: Short Story

Sit at the airport. Observe. Why do so many people – men and women – wear their pants too long? I’m not talking about “stylish” young men whose problem with long pants begins at their waist (...Continue Reading

Looking for Ruiz

There is some guy in NYC with the last name Ruiz. Actually, there are probably a fair number of people in NYC with the last name Ruiz. But the Ruiz who I am looking for works for the NYPD Traffic Patrol. He works the area...Continue Reading

The Discovery of God

Last summer scientists discovered God. He was found in Cern, Switzerland. One would have suspected that God would be found in Switzerland, a small, quiet, unassuming country. God is not a show-off. His ego is quite intact...Continue Reading

In Search of The Right Life

I am in Brooklyn walking through an old, beautifully designed bank with my two sons, Jeremy and Sam. It is the kind of bank that is architecturally so interesting with columns, mosaics, gilded ceilings and the character o...Continue Reading

Manage the Unavoidable Avoid the Unmanageable

Relevant educational questions are being asked: Who should learn how to treat vein disease? Who should be teaching others about venous disease? What are the educational requirements to teach others about venous disease...Continue Reading

A Visit to Oz

by Steve Elias, MD, FACSSomewhere in northeast Italy exists Mediclinic. A surreal place—an amalgam of Italian design, smart buildings, spa culture and highend outpatient medical care—it probably should be call...Continue Reading

The Crumbs of Pluralistic Ignorance

Vein Magazine Medical Director, Dr. Steven Elias, Introduces the Summer 2015 Issue. The crumb cake is one of mankind’s gastronomique conundrums—pieces of inconsequential little things held together for our...Continue Reading

Serious Stuff

Vein Magazine Medical Director, Dr. Steven Elias, Introduces the Fall 2015 Issue. “Strange how people who suffer together have stronger connections than people who are most always said people don&rsqu...Continue Reading

Baggies and Books: Letter from the Medical Director

Vein Magazine Medical Director, Dr Steven Ellias, Introduces the Spring 2015 Issue. There is not much grass in NYC. There is not much room in a sandwich baggie for certain things. There are people who pay other people to...Continue Reading

The Capital is DONE; "i" Isn't

i never thought of not using a capital “I”. And certainly David Tang or Tyler Brule would never jettison this letter or notion from their vocabulary. Explanation in a little while. e e cummings was the poet th...Continue Reading