Director's Note

Third Base or Right Field? A Juxtaposition of Positions

I don’t particularly care for baseball or baseball analogies, but this one may work. I do understand what the pseudo baseball intellectuals like about a game that is driven by statistics and subtle strategies, but a...Continue Reading

Mr. Paddle and the Lost Art of Dying

In the annals of platform tennis, Mr. Paddle is the legend that is mentioned most often. Usually after a few drinks. Strange sport paddle tennis. Played in the fall and winter. Outdoors. The floor of the courts are heated...Continue Reading

Pictorial Architecture: Discarded Eloquence

David Salle is an artist. He has some mentors; as we all do. He was one of those 80s guys. He has been described as “a tour guide in Hell’ by Peter Schjeldahl in his book Art in America. David Salle counts the...Continue Reading


Dutch men have the tallest average height of any country, almost 6 feet. The Swedes are not far behind at number 2, 5’11”. This explains the placement of their urinals. The men of East Timor average 5’2&...Continue Reading

A Winter's Tale: Fog and Darkness

On a dark winter’s night, one can only go two ways—joy or darkness. I chose darkness. Not for any conscious reason or thought but by serendipity and coincidence. It just came that way. Ian Fleming wrote in his...Continue Reading

Terror, Terroir

I am trying to avoid dying while driving around in a bulletproof car avoiding mosquitoes and admiring bad graffiti. I have never experienced this trifecta of terror or terroir. Having traveled 4778 miles for this experie...Continue Reading

Forbidden Taboos: Senseless Oxymorons

Sometimes the silence can be like thunder. Words matter. But also what isn’t said can be as powerful as the words spoken. Silence can be more powerful than cacophony. Keep this in mind as you read this letter. Mos...Continue Reading

Wormless Solipsism

If you know the definition of “wormless” and “solipsism” then kudos to you. They say the New York Times reading level is geared towards a 10th-grade education. Most of us got past 10th grade I am...Continue Reading

Vis-à-vis Visa

The Svalbard (Spitsbergen) Treaty of 1920 was ultimately signed by 45 nations. For some reason they all felt that the Svalbard Arctic Archipelago demanded the world’s attention. It is designated a “visa-free z...Continue Reading