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Doff N'Donner: Overcoming Challenges with Compression Garments

by Jonas Thelin As a certified orthotist and prosthetist, Ray Fikes had been frustrated by compression garments (just like everyone else) during his 33 years of practice, not only because they were extremely difficult t...Continue Reading

Phlebectomy Horizontal A Novel Approach for the Treatment of Small and Medium Sized Veins

by Andrew Jones, MD and Ed Boyle, MD In recent years, significant innovations for the management of superficial vein disorders have led to the migration of venous treatment from the hospital to the out-patient vein clin...Continue Reading

Applying Technology from the Neuro-Interventional Lab in General Interventional Radiology

by J. Moskovitz, MD All Interventional Radiology practices strive to constantly improve their service to their patients, which includes adopting best practices from other subspecialty fields. Recently at the Florida Hos...Continue Reading

The ABCs of IVC Filters: IVC Filters Data, Types, Techniques and Retrieval

Introduction The use of IVC filters has recently skyrocketed, and the FDA has issued a warning against retrievable IVC filters. This article will highlight available IVC filter options, technical tips and guidelines for...Continue Reading

Meaningful Use for Phlebologists

by J. Gordon Wright, MD, FACS, RVT How this series of articles is organized: The simple and superficial instructions (think of checklists) appear at the very beginning, with more in-depth details coming later. In this w...Continue Reading

Dogmas of Compression Therapy Compression therapy of the feet; Yes or No? Why or Why Not?

by Dean J. Bender and Albert Fliss, PhD Aim: A review of the misconceptions regarding the use of compression therapy on the feet, the current knowledge on the subject and further research needed to better understand this...Continue Reading

Compression Therapy for Post Leg Vein Procedures

by Terri Morrison RN, BS, CEO, Morrison Vein Institute Do we have evidence-based studies on compression therapy post-venous procedures? Do we have guidelines? Yes and yes. Let’s take a brief look at the literature...Continue Reading

Treating Facial Reticular Veins with a Dynamically Cooled, Long-Pulsed 1064 nm Nd:YAG Laser

Facial reticular veins are a common cosmetic concern for both men and women. While these veins are often asymptomatic, they can become dilated, tortuous and dark which can be distressing to many patients. Facial reticular...Continue Reading

Women in Phlebology Around the World

Helane Fronek, MD, FACS, FACPh, has been the true Pioneer Woman in phlebology here in the US. That’s not just my opinion, but the opinion of any and everyone who has had the opportunity to learn from this phenomenal...Continue Reading

Putting the Focus on Consistent Patient Photography FotoFinder Delivers Patient Imaging Solutions Designed for Phlebology

Most any phlebologist will agree that before and after patient photography documentation can benefit a practice on many levels. At the forefront is patient satisfaction. Before and after images provide a telling, visual s...Continue Reading