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The Next Evolution of VTE Care

The third most common vascular diagnosis after heart attack and stroke, venous thromboembolism (VTE) can be as challenging to diagnose as it is to treat. Symptoms can present mildly and are often dismissed by doctors or a...Continue Reading

Patient Selection in Iliac Vein Recanalization

Moderator: Dr. Ronald S. Winokur Experts: Dr. Stephen Black, Dr. Kush Desai, Dr. Erin Murphy Iliac vein recanalization and stenting have increased in utilization, but specific challenges should be considered to optimize c...Continue Reading

The Journey of a Patient with Post-Thrombotic Syndrome and Venous Ulcer

By Pradeep K. Nair, MD, FACC, FSCAI; Angel Thao Duplantis, RDMS, RVT; Ashley Guidry, CCMA; Kristy Poiencot, LPN; Trunetta Diggs, LPN; Craig M. Walker, MD JB was Cajun to his core, having grown up in the Bayou Region of So...Continue Reading

Deep Vein Arterialization Overview

As the number of patients suffering from amputations due to peripheral vascular disease continues to increase, deep vein arterialization (DVA) offers an alternative for no-option patients What is DVA? An aging populati...Continue Reading

Lipedema Fat and BMI

Lipedema is a genetically transmitted, loose connective tissue disease of subcutaneous fat tissue. There are many differences in the subcutaneous tissue in women with lipedema compared to women without lipedema; these inc...Continue Reading

The Almeida Algorithm for Venous Stenting

Dr. Andrey Espinoza sat down with distinguished vascular surgeon and deep venous authority, Jose Almeida, to meticulously discuss all things venous stenting.Dr. Andrey Espinoza: Dr. Almeida, I had the pleasure of interact...Continue Reading

86,400 Points of Light! From Raw Thermographic Data to Useful Clinical Insight

A point of care thermographic camera can record 86,400 temperatures measurements across the human body nine times per second and present the data in real-time on a screen. But how do we transform the data that has always...Continue Reading

Sonographer-Patient Communication

Additional reporting by Jenny Bogert, Alyssa Collantes, Jessica Flynn, Eduard Marmut, Jennifer VargaAS SONOGRAPHERS, we tend to focus our improvement efforts on image optimization, protocols, and ergonomics One muscle we...Continue Reading

Venous Origin Chronic Pelvic Pain – Complexities and Controversies

An Update From Two Leading Vein Specialists Introduction from Dr. Meissner PELVIC VENOUS DISORDERS, defined as the spectrum of symptoms and signs arising from the veins of the pelvis(the gonadal veins, the internal iliac...Continue Reading

Gray Areas in Vein Disease: When Can We Do Superficial Interventions In The Presence Of Deep Vein Obstruction Or Reflux?

Gray areas in vein disease: In this series of articles, we discuss the uncertain and the unsure. Eight thoughtful, knowledgeable, and confident vein specialists contemplate four venous disease areas: superficial disease;...Continue Reading