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25 Most Influential: Edward G. Mackay ll, MD

Edward G. Mackay ll, MD A colleague had this to say: “Dr. Mackay has served the field in numerous ways with active participation in ACP, ISET, IVC and IVVC through both instruction and live presentations. One of hi...Continue Reading

Sharing a Passion for Teaching, Effective Communication and the Field of Phlebology A Conversation with Helane Fronek, MD, FACP, FACPh

by Andrea B. Epstein Following your passion in pursuit of true career satisfaction is a goal that most would agree is not easily attained. In the case of Dr. Helane Fronek, a love for teaching, patient care and education...Continue Reading

Marlin Schul, MD Challenges Us to Push the Boundaries

As the Congress Chair in charge of the 25th Annual American College Phlebology meeting this November, Dr. Marlin Schul has taken on the task of refocusing the content planned for attendees. VEIN Magazine Asked Dr. Schul f...Continue Reading

Q&A with Frank Veith The 38th VEITHsymposium: Conversations in Keeping it Fresh

Dr. Frank Veith has a method for organizing the 5-day, multi-discipline, multi-track program that is the 38th Annual VEITHsymposium. His experience in this type of work spans over four decades culminating in a meeting tha...Continue Reading

Doing it All Under One Roof: Conducting Clinical Research in the Private Practice Setting - A Q&A with Kathleen Gibson, MD

When Kathy Gibson was in training at the University of Washington, academics was considered the pinnacle to which one could professionally aspire. When she broke it to her mentor that she would not be pursuing a career in...Continue Reading

Wild About Harry

Upon arriving in the United States in 1968, Harry, a Chilean native, answered that voice in his head and his heart and decided to just “go for it.” Dr. Harry Schanzer is one of those early adopters of phlebolo...Continue Reading

A Conversation With Dr. Z Catherine Navarro

The Vein Center of the Palm Beaches in Palm Beach, Florida, specializes in atypical vein disease, skin care and Med Spa therapies. “I do skin care, hair removal, all that wonderful cosmetic stuff, but what I’m...Continue Reading

Melvin Rosenblatt, MD

If you know Mel Rosenblatt, then you know he’s outstanding in the field of phlebology. One of his colleagues expresses it best: “Mel's passion for clinical medicine knows no bounds. His energy is limitless an...Continue Reading

Meissner, MD A Steward of Healthcare

As a professor of surgery at the University of Washington, Dr. Mark Meissner leads the pack when it comes to research on chronic venous disease, vascular trauma, acute deep venous thrombosis and pharmacological treatment...Continue Reading

UIP An Interview with Nick Morrison

At last, after countless long hours of preparation, a jet-lagged and fully inundated Nick Morrison will finally get to see the fruits of his labor in planning the world’s biggest phlebology event ever. Between fligh...Continue Reading