Featured Doctor

A Woman For All Seasons: Q&A With Dr. Kathleen Gibson

Vein decided to interview Dr. Kathleen Gibson because of her unusual standing as a private practitioner who is significantly involved in vascular disease research and clinical trials. She is a partner with Lake Washington...Continue Reading

Trailblazer: Our Interview with Dr. Thomas O'Donnell

There are many instances when what may at first seem like a tragic event results in a new path that directs the course of one’s life. As a junior in high school, Thomas O’Donnell, MD, fractured his femur playi...Continue Reading

Paving the Way with Dr. Robert Kistner

I had the very good fortune to interview Dr. Kistner on Memorial Day, which seemed profoundly more significant after speaking with him and hearing his story. It wasn’t long into our discussion that it became clear...Continue Reading

Total Commitment: Dr. Thomas Wakefield Has Dedicated His Career to the Treatment of Venous Disorders

Dr. Thomas Wakefield has been committed to the treatment of venous disease since completing his fellowship at the University of Michigan in 1986. He has always incorporated phlebology into his practice, and since 2004 he...Continue Reading

Passing the Baton: the ACP welcomes its 15th president, Dr. Mark Forrestal

Now in its 28th year of a commitment to advance vein care, both domestically and abroad, the American College of Phlebology welcomed its 15th president, as Dr. Mark Forrestal, MD, FACPh, succeeded Dr. Melvin Rosenblatt an...Continue Reading

Introducing the Peter Gloviczki Professorship in Venous and Lymphatic Disorders

There is significant history behind the study and care of venous and lymphatic issues – Hippocrates certainly gave his two cents worth, as did Paré, Wiseman and Unna, just to mention a few. But in more modern...Continue Reading

Mentors Who Made Me: Dr. Syde A. Taheri

I’d seen vascular surgeons operate on ruptured aneurysms before as a medical school student in Buffalo. They worked, struggled, operated for a few hours, and still many patients died. But now it was 1979 and I was...Continue Reading

Q&A Featured Doctor Incoming AVF President John Blebea, MD, MBA, FACS

How did you become interested in vascular medicine as a specialty? Since kindergarten, when I had the role of a surgeon in a classroom play, I have wanted to become a surgeon. The decision to go specifically into vascula...Continue Reading

Midwestern Work Ethic: An interview with Michael C. Dalsing, MD

Hailing from a large family rooted in a small Wisconsin town, Dr. Michael C. Dalsing has forged a career that established him as one of the early investigators in the research of percutaneous venous valve placement and ma...Continue Reading

International Honoree: An Interview with Alun Davies

We had the good fortune of speaking with Professor Alun H Davies, who was named as a “Distinguished Fellow Member” at the AVF annual meeting in February. Professor Davies is one of the U.K.’s premier ex...Continue Reading