Featured Doctor

Joann Lohr, MD, FACS, RVT

VEIN’s Medical Advisor Helane Fronek, MD, continues her special assignment to highlight Women in Phlebology with her in-depth article illustrating Dr. Joann Lohr’s extensive experience in the venous arena. Jo...Continue Reading

The VEINS Symposium Q&A with Dr. Raghu Kolluri

Dr. Raghu Kolluri is an innovator. The VEINS Symposium has quickly become a new Chicago attraction for training cardiologists in phlebology. I asked him how the program came about and what he expects for the future of phl...Continue Reading

Q&A With New AVF President Peter Henke

by Kirsten Joranlien This February, as the Phoenix Wigwam Resort greeted the more than 600 attendees of the American Venous Forum’s 25th Anniversary Meeting, the usual changing of the guard occurred as outgoing Pre...Continue Reading

Footprint of a Giant

After researching and speaking with Dr. Hugo Partsch, it’s difficult to say what is most impressive about him. His contributions to the fields of phlebology, angiology, lymphology and dermatology are renowned. But w...Continue Reading

Q&A with ACP President

by Jana Acciacca Many people recognize Mel Rosenblatt – he’s attended practically every venous-related meeting there is each year for as long as most of us can remember. This year, Mel looked at each of these...Continue Reading

Q&A with Robert McLafferty, MD Outgoing President of the American Venous Forum

by Julie Jacob Robert D. McLafferty, MD, will end his term as president of the American Venous Forum at the AVF’s 25th Silver Anniversary Annual Meeting, which will take place at The Wigwam in Phoenix, AZ, February...Continue Reading

5 Minutes with Neil Sadick, MD

Neil Sadick is one of the foremost dermatologists and phlebologists in the US, practicing out of three New York offices when he’s not conducting research with the Sadick Research Group or advising one of the numerou...Continue Reading

What Defines You? A Q&A with Helane Fronek

What defines you? A physician. A parent. A philanthropist. I’m sure many reading this would consider themselves these things. But are they what define you?It’s a question that most people will ask themselves a...Continue Reading

Q&A with New AVF President Fedor Lurie, MD

Why did you decide to specialize in vascular surgery? What interested you about vascular medicine? I became interested in vascular surgery during my last year of medical school. I was fortunate to have my surgical rotati...Continue Reading

Pioneering spirit

Collins English Dictionary defines the pioneering spirit as a willingness to endure hardship in order to explore new places or try out new things. In speaking with Dr. Weiss, this spirit quickly becomes evident.Dr. Weiss...Continue Reading