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The Magic Man: An Interview with Peter Gloviczki, MD

If you consider Dr. Peter Gloviczki’s skills—award-winning magician, amateur tie designer, notable vascular surgeon, editor, and proponent in the advancement of venous disease treatments—you might say he...Continue Reading

Mentors Who Made Me: Anton Butie, MD, Founder and First President of the American College of Phlebology

Dr. Mitchel Goldman: When I think back on my career in phlebology, it really all starts with you and founding the North American Society of Phlebology in August of 1985, incorporating the Society in June of 1986 and havin...Continue Reading

Spotlight on the Next Generation of Venous Leaders

As we rapidly approach the end of another year, we celebrate the accomplishments of the recent past and look forward to what the future holds. Developments and refinements in procedures, inventions of new techniques and n...Continue Reading

Be Like Bob—Think, Act, Analyze, Conclude

by Dan Monahan, MD & Elna Masuda, MD Dr. Robert (Bob) Kistner is a legendary figure in venous treatment. His contributions to the field over 50 years bridge the eras between the nascency of vascular surgery and the...Continue Reading

Letters from Vienna

Dr. Mitchel Goldman, Volunteer Clinical Professor of Dermatology/Medicine University of California, San Diego and Medical Director of West Dermatology, sits down with his favorite mentor–the legendary, Dr. Hugo Part...Continue Reading

The Vascular Dynamic Duo

In 1985, I became the fifth Dr. Fronek. The medical background of each member of my husband’s family provided an amusing backdrop for many dinner table conversations. While most families might be concerned with the...Continue Reading