Thomas Wright, MD FACPh, FACP

Thomas Wright is the Medical Director of Laser Lipo & Vein Center in St. Louis, MO and was one of the first of more than 200 surgeons in the nation to become a Diplomate in Phlebology by the American Board of Phlebology. Dr. Wright attended Duke University for his undergraduate degree and earned his medical degree from the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri.

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Lipedema Fat and BMI

Lipedema is a genetically transmitted, loose connective tissue disease of subcutaneous fat tissue. There are many differences in the subcutaneous tissue in women with lipedema comp...

Lipedema and Lipolymphedema: New ICD-10-CM Codes Proposed to Enhance Diagnosis, Treatment, and Research

IN JUNE 2020, the Lipedema ICD-10-CM Committee, with support from the American Vein & Lymphatic Society (AVLS), submitted an application to the US Centers for Disease Control and P...

Compression Garments for Lipedema

By Dr. Thomas Wright Lipedema is characterized by painful and swollen fat which accumulates disproportionately in the subcutaneous tissue. New studies have shown that all stages of...

Regulatory Capture and the ABMS and MOC

The American Board of Medical Specialties’ certification program appears to be a boon to medical specialists everywhere. Or is it?

Introduction to Lipedema

Lipedema is a chronic disease that causes uneven fat distribution. Even though it was initially discovered in the 1940s, many physicians are still unaware of its existence.

Lipedema: A Devastating Disease Too Often Overlooked

Why are we letting lipedema happen? This is just one pressing question being answered by Dr. Thomas Wright.