Practice Management

Do What You Do Well, But Know Everything About What You Do

A man wearing round-framed glasses with a goatee sitting in a huge, motorized wheelchair is meandering through an art exhibit at the Whitney Museum in New York. The man is artist Chuck Close; the exhibit is of the work of...Continue Reading

Physician Governance Implementing the Managing Physician Concept

by David Schmiege Attention to the business management side of a vein practice with multiple providers is critical in order to thrive. Patients are less willing and less able to pay for the level of health care which the...Continue Reading

Helping Today?s Patient Get Treatment and Care

Today’s larger deductibles and out-of-pocket costs may cause many of your patients to put off recommended treatment. By creating a comprehensive financial policy that includes a third-party patient financing program...Continue Reading

Getting Ahead 5 Ways to Capitalize on Your Time if You Aren't Pursuing Meaningful Use

by Jeff Mongelli The boxer Mohammed Ali made famous his antic of waving a glove off to the side of his opponent. The instant his opponent reacted, he would jab at the opening he created. The tactic of creating a distract...Continue Reading

Marketing Best Practices

by David Schmiege To market effectively and get maximum return on your marketing dollar, you must first identify your target audience. As a vein practice, are you marketing to consumers? Referral physicians? Both? Start...Continue Reading

Communication Matters

Communication is one of the four core clinical skills, along with knowledge base, problem-solving ability and physical examination; a large body of evidence proves its importance. In one study, the duration of headache sy...Continue Reading

Understanding the Patient Experience

by Michael Egan The summer 2013 issue of VEIN Magazine included the article, “The Power of Patient Perceptions: Monitoring and Managing Your Practice’s Reputation,” which provided a framework to help yo...Continue Reading

Practical Advice on Starting a Vein Practice Candid Perspectives from Two Successful Physicians

There’s no shortage of resources that offer advice on starting a vein practice (including this magazine). From books to lectures, practice management companies to marketing companies and more, part of the hurdle to...Continue Reading

The Power of Patient Perception Monitoring and Managing Your Practice's Reputation

by Michael Egan Okay, I'd like you to play along with me and participate in a little activity as you read. Please raise your hand (or just a finger if you're in a public place and don't want to attract attention). Now pu...Continue Reading

What Adding a PA or NNP Can Bring to Your Practice

by Cheryl Nash Are you considering adding a physician assistant (PA) or non–physician practitioner (NNP) to your practice? Seems like a great idea, right? Well, in a lot of ways it is. But there are details you nee...Continue Reading