Practice Management

Internal Marketing: Transform Your Practice from the Inside Out

What’s more important: providing outstanding treatment or outstanding customer service? According to an American Express survey, 78% of consumers have bailed on a sales transaction because they received poor custom...Continue Reading

Google is Vetting You—Are You the Vein Expert You Think You Are?

I answer one question, more than any other, from doctors around the globe. “Is SEO dead yet?” The simple answer—No. Why? Well, because Google—that’s why. Things in the digital space have chan...Continue Reading

The Long and Tortuous Path: New Technology Reimbursement

“I assess the power of a will by how much resistance, pain, torture it endures and knows how to turn to its advantage.” -Friedrich Nietzsche When one considers the “pain and torture” involved in s...Continue Reading

Is Health Care Really That Complicated?

Let’s examine the origins of the problem in the ongoing debate of the repeal of Obamacare and new proposals. Care vs. Coverage There is a distinction between access to healthcare and access to health coverage. P...Continue Reading

Optimizing Mid-Level Providers in a Busy Vein Practice

We both said “I do.” Three years ago we decided to add a certified nurse practitioner to our very busy practice. It was, and still is, one of the best decisions we have made. Mid-Level Practitioners Let&r...Continue Reading

Tempted to Compete on Price? Don't!

Vein doctors around the world are fighting! They are fighting medical associations, insurance companies and their competitors. Not the competition from the vascular surgeon or interventional radiologist with a full-time...Continue Reading

The Evolving Role of Medical Chatbots

by Blake Nelson, BS, Carl M. Black, MD and Dan Corey, MD Laura is now two days out from a combined GSV ablation (EVLA) with ambulatory phlebectomy (AP). Ivy, her personal medical chatbot, checks in on her. “Hi La...Continue Reading

4 Surprising Trends That Will Help Your Practice Attract More Baby Boomers

Did you know that baby boomers shop online just as frequently as younger generations? It should come as no surprise that boomers are increasingly relying on digital tools in every aspect of their lives, including health...Continue Reading

Standardizing Venous Ultrasound

Diagnostic testing, in any field, by definition, is used to detect, confirm or rule out the presence of a problem. Its purpose includes the ability to be reproducible and reliable. These characteristics put a heavy burden...Continue Reading

The Role of an AOH (ASC-OBL-Hybrid) in Tomorrow’s Ambulatory Care Environment

In today’s world of health care, there seems to be only one certainty—the direction and future of health care are uncertain. In saying this, I am not suggesting that the future of health care is grim–qui...Continue Reading