Practice Management

Mommy Makeovers & Postpartum Pride:Tips for Marketing to Moms

“Having a baby changes everything.” Johnson & Johnson’s slogan is on point—bringing life into the world can give parents an incredible new outlook, but for some mothers, the physical changes...Continue Reading

Your Website's First Impression

Does the first impression you give a potential patient matter to you? When you meet someone for the first time, you certainly shake their hand, make eye contact, smile warmly and hope your breath is fresh. You’ve pr...Continue Reading

How to Seamlessly Incorporate Healthy Habits into Your Busy Schedule

As a professional in the business of health and wellness, the vast majority of your hours have been dedicated to the medical field. Medical school consisted of countless hours buried deep within textbooks and journals, yo...Continue Reading

5 Ways to Build Your Email List in 2015

If you are trying to grow or maintain your practice, you need to find ways to market your services to patients. This includes the ones you already have and the ones you’d like to acquire. The goal is to keep the cha...Continue Reading

Making Your Site HIPAA Compliant: Does Your Website Pass or Fail?

You are careful with patient information around your office, and take steps to protect it as outlined by HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), designed to protect patient information). But, is y...Continue Reading

How to Hold Your Marketing Agency Accountable

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is nearly impossible to ignore the marketing of your vein practice. Websites, TV, radio, social media, SEO, PPC, billboards, microsites, direct mail and, yes, let us not forget...Continue Reading

Action! Your Guide to Producing Powerful Practice Videos

Engaging videos improve search rankings, attract new business, create stronger connections with existing clients (improving return rates) and build your credibility. Unfortunately, many business owners believe that dry,...Continue Reading

The Three Phases of DVT and Elevating the Standard of Care

I recently visited a primary care office that strongly supports our practice to share a couple of interesting cases and a recent acute thrombosis that was sent to our office one month after initial diagnosis. I spent the...Continue Reading

O Tempora! O Mores!

Bravo to many of my favorite phlebologists for a long overdue but engaging and thorough discussion of unethical vein treatment. I would like to comment on three of their proposed solutions, namely the need for more educat...Continue Reading

3 Ways to Ignite Patient Communication

The key to establishing a successful communication plan is to evolve your digital communication tools to meet (or exceed!) your patients’ expectations, drawing them in with easy access and dynamic, personal intera...Continue Reading